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lord files barathon

For Lord of the Files – “What Life really needs is much more love, compassion and less of paperwork

lord of files barathon

This is my entry for the fifth day of #BarAthon 2017, the fortnight-long blogging marathon for bloggers, organised by Blog-A-Rhythm! Today’s prompt is ‘Lord of the FILES’, featured in my fictional story.

Chandan was sleeping with his entire kin when they stormed through doors with sticks and live torches, gents of the family were sleeping on bunks near main door (as per their patriarch order) hence fell first victims of their hatred, in the midst of extreme chaos, shouts and smoke all he could manage was a last glimpse of his own people burning before someone pushed him to the rear door that opens towards the rail tracks. Disoriented he kept running towards the chugging sound without turning back, his eyes were on fire from the heat within.

1982, Modinagar district Ghaziabad India, Sulekha told bank manager nth number of time that she never gave anyone authority to withdraw money on her behalf from the account, but he gave her the same impassive look. She again narrated the entire story of Chandan’s migration from Rawalpindi Pakistan to Modinagar, India during Partition, their marriage, age and years of her kids birth, their marriages, etc… etc.. All she heard in return from his is – ‘mataji koi kagaj patri hai kya‘? (do you have any documents with you) she felt defeated, but doesn’t want them to know this…. she know they all are eyeing her wealth, she has to look brave and strong. With a confident look she picked up her papers, put them in a polythene bag and left only to return again prepared. Bank Manager said again, ‘mataji, bina kagaj ke kuch nahi ho sakta‘. (without proper paperwork nothing can be done)

It was the winters of 1970 when Chandan Malkhan married Sulekha, Chandan Sweets (Rawalpindi Waale) is a well known name in the entire area famous for it’s Karanchi Halwa and pure desi ghee sweets. Everyone loved the sweet delicacies made here, be it a marriage or a birthday – a box of Chandan Sweets is a matter of pride. Blessed with 2 sons they had a perfect family anyone can dream of, his dreadful escape is the matter of past… he never shared the memories of that ghastly night with anyone, not even his wife all they knew was he came to Modinagar from Pakistan during partition and settled here working day and night to make a better living.


Everything was just perfect when one fateful day Chandan passed due to cardiac arrest, and like a typical 1980s Indian family without writing his will and mentioning a nominee. With each passing day the power struggle in brothers turned into deceiving, hiding from and manipulating each other. Sulekha’s love and confidence on her boys never made her suspicious of their ill motives, taking advantage of her inadequate education and unconditional love they took her thumb impression on ‘Power of Attorney‘ declaration and left her to live on rags or beg.

Wife of Late. Chandan Malkhan of Chandan Sweet’s is living a life of a beggar, from riches to rags!

A local news paper headline state the ordeal she was going through, an NGO came forward to help her, to educate her about legal rights and to fight her case in the court of Law against those who cheated her, she is fighting for what is her’s, she’s fighting for her rights, fighting for many like her who have been left being a LORD but only of the FILES aptly named – The Lord of Files…


Author’s thought – today we have came a long way from what is mentioned in the story, however still there are many such families where writing a ‘legal will’, mentioning a ‘nominee’ is still considered unnecessary. Kindly educate people around you, specially your house help, any elderly you know in or near your family. This is important, not that everyone is greedy but proper ‘paperwork’ is the perfect work.

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43 thoughts on “Lord of the Files – #BarAThon

  1. Children are ill treating their parents in many ways. Putting them in oldage home is one thing and tortures like them in this manner is another.
    Lovely story. I hope we our generation would be better.

  2. Heartbreaking and very infuriating. How many such stories have happened and are still happening! My own family fell victim to my dad’s erstwhile partner. Money changes people’s nature. It’s up to us to educate ourselves to escape the sharks. Very well written, Cheers.

  3. You’re right, Dipika. I have seen so many families where this has caused a rift within, not to mention in-fighting between siblings over property matters. Very topical story, indeed.

  4. I just wonder how children/siblings turn on each other or parents in such times – forgetting all the good times and the struggles faced together!!
    I have seen so much strife in my father’s side of the family over money for past 40 years of my life and I just wonder WHY? what has it gotten anyone of them?!!! They have all lost so much because of it yet they persist to go on in it!
    Its a disgusting thing to do but I wonder where these traits of greed for money comes into us?
    Well written one Dipika

    1. Thanks a lot Shalz… yes this is happening everywhere around us. Sometimes it make me wonder do we have some consciousness left in us today???

  5. It is unimaginable that such close relationships go sour when it comes to money matters. You made a very valid point when you said that proper paperwork helps maintain order and does away with ambiguity after you are gone.

  6. This angers me, its unfair and sad. But, also the truth,not just in India but many parts of the world.
    Superb take on the prompt

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  7. Extremely disturbing. Read about the state of elders in our country and I was left teary eyed. Great post talking about a relevant issue

  8. earlier generation took away the parents’ wealth and left them to god’s mercy. Well today a set of people has gone a step further and created paid old age homes where they pay for their parents accommodation so that they could live a life with no responsibilities and interference. I wonder which one is worse.

    This one really pushed my heart to my mouth. Nicely portrayed !

    1. Thanks a lot Anupriya for stopping by and reading. I so agree with you, everyday news papers scream of this new trend of leaving aged parents alone to get ridiculed as rubble. Hope we learn and stop before it’s too late.

  9. Thats so sad parents who did everything for the children are now duped by them…yes planning is important money should never come into relationship clarity and proper planning is required

  10. It is truly sad how relationships and circumstances change almost overnight in families. I have seen this with so many families and it saddens me. It could happen to us too at anytime in the future. Scary prospect.

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