Diarrhoea in Children – Know causes and managing it with Enterogermina

Diarrhoea in toddlers

Diarrhea in Kids – I am the mother of a 6-year-old daughter, a hands-on-mommy who has seen her growing very closely. I often call parenting ‘on-the-job’ training, as you never know when an escalation reaches you from which direction.

Child health, a topic on which I can talk all day long. As a mother, I have learned from experience that the smallest itch could be dangerous if not reported immediately. Or the worst fear of an upset tummy could be handled easily at home by an expert probiotic.

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What is Diarrhea and its symptoms in children?

Diarrhea in kids is the most common disease in the summers. Diarrhea is wobbly bowel movements (3 or more per day). Most kids have diarrhea from time to time. It usually doesn’t last long and often gets better on its own, or with the help of probiotics. There could be many reasons to get diarrhea, but the most common is viral diarrhea.

Diarrhoea in toddlers  Diarrhea in Kids
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Some Facts about Diarrhea in Kids –

  1. Diarrhea could be seasonal, Summer (March to May). Winter (September to January).
  2. The occurrence of diarrhea cases is at its peak during summers.
  3. Bacteria and Viruses are the two most common causes of diarrhea.

Common Symptoms of diarrhea are –

  1. Loose and watery stools
  2. Fever
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Weight loss
  5. Dehydration
  6. Nausea

How to Treat common Diarrhoea in Kids –

I have seen mothers getting worried and stressed about ‘How to stop diarrhea in kids fast?’ But worrying won’t help us in any way. The best way to treat diarrhea is by having a clean, safe, and healthy lifestyle. Eat clean and well-cooked food, wash hands before and after every meal. Use hand sanitizers regularly, drink plenty of fluids especially in summers. Avoid street-side food vendors, and keep a note of timely vaccination in kids.

Mommy and Kid’s Date with Enterogermina

We (I and daughter) have recently been a part of an insightful and fun-filled day with Enterogermina #HappyTummiesMeet. The name which is embedded in every mother’s mind, a probiotic which helps manage diarrhea in children.

Enterogermina cures diarrhoea
Diarrhea in Kids

Paediatrician’s No.1 choice and a very effective probiotic that helps manage diarrhea by controlling the bad bacteria in the intestines and making tummies happy. During the event, we learned how to diagnose early signs of diarrhea from the expert speaker Dr.Zinal.  She also explained to kids the easy ways to keep away from bad bacteria by maintaining healthy personal hygiene. The best way to teach kids how to differentiate between good and bad is simply by involving them in the act.

My daughter learned the easy ways of identifying healthy food by some fun D-I-Y activities at the event. The curious minds just didn’t stop there, they also learned how diarrhea could lead to troubled tummies and bad times. Hence, by learning the jingle of – ‘healthy tummies ko bolo Haan, Enterogermina’. So, it is always Enterogermina for kids.

Catch the latest TVC of Enterogermina here –

As I mentioned in the beginning, motherhood transformed me into a semi-ninja by now. I know the early signs of trouble and make sure to keep things handy to combat it before it goes big bad ugly. So, for #happytummies it is always Enterogermina.

children's diarrhoea treatment
Diarrhea in Kids


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  1. Hi….thank you for the blog…I am a mother of 5 year daughter…..my daughter also some time have the problem of diarrhoea…..in rainy season more….I take several precautions like eating healthy,wash hands,drink lot of water etc…..but sometime dont know the reason….so by this your blog I got some very good information…thank you.

  2. Pankti Hemant Parmar


    As a Medical student I completely agree with your post. Very good information for all parents.

  3. #ClickWithIntsax Very clear and precise article. Perfectly explained 🙂

  4. This rainy season I feel we all moms are more worried about kids health and you have shared such informative post we really needed..Thanks!!

  5. My son always gets diarrhoea whenever we visit India. He was born in England and his immunity is low when it comes to indian air and water.i will keep this in mind when I visit next month.

  6. Thanks for this informative article. Diarrhoea is a common worry especially during this season. Good to know about the easy cure mentioned here.

  7. Diarrhoea is so common in children but it is so scary at the same time. Thanks for sharing this really detailed article. It is going to be of great help to many people.

    1. Diarrhoea is a very common thing in this season, and specially with children and their unattended eating habits. Thank you for sharing this, it’s very informative.

      1. It is indeed very important to know the symptoms and treatment. Thank you for your time.

  8. Diarrhoea in children is common and needs to be tackled head-on with proper precautions. This is especially true during the summers. You have outlined some really simple, practical and sensible steps towards prevention of Diarrhoea.

  9. Enternogermina is a wonderful medicine during diahorrea. Our doctor always recommended this when our baby suffered from loose motions.

    1. True, it is a great relief for kids and moms alike. Thank you

  10. We mums definitely need such awareness meets where we can learn to tackle such common health issues among children. Your post surely highlights all the aspects of Diarrhoea, will come handy for us mothers.

    1. Kids health is our priority and Enterogermina seems a good option to prevent diarrhoea in kids.

  11. Very helpful article. Definitely it’s very scary with kids.. The littlest of things become big issues so fast! Diarrhea is so common and so much trouble.. This would help indeed.

  12. I had diarrhoea every two months as a kid… It was irritating for me and tiring for my parents… Enterogermina looks like a great probiotic for kids! Will share this with my aunt who has young kids!

  13. Small kids mostly face this problem compared to teenagers. So moms have to be extra careful while dealing with this. nice post.

    Utpal Khot

    1. Thank you for stopping by.

  14. While Diarrhoea is so common these days with season change, it is something we moms can avoid or take care. It was indeed a great learning Session, my little one also keep telling me about the good bacteria and bad bacteria fight and how the good bacteria won.!

    1. That was very helpful, it’s good that kids learn first hand information from the source. Thank you.

  15. Children tend to get ill way often and the symptoms can often be misleading. It’s so essential to be aware about this. Worth sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you, glad you liked it.

  16. Diarrhoea is common in kids these days due to weather change. These tips are perfect to save kids from getting sick

  17. Rainy Season and Diarrhoea is like good friends .. Right post in the right time .. Thanks for sharing the info dear..

  18. Very informative article. Totally agree that having a clean and healthy lifestyle is the most important factor when it comes to preventing Diarrhoea.

  19. Diarrhea is a very common disease. I am glad i landed up on your post. It is very important to stay updated and spread the message.

  20. Seasonal changes trigger diarrhoea. However if we take necessary precautions and and continue healthy habits I’m sure we can avoid contracting it. I’ve been hearing a lot of positive response for enterogermina.

  21. I agree motherhood makes us mom ninjas dear and yes enterogermina is really a handy solution when upset tommy sets in

  22. Tummy health is very important. Probiotics can definitely help.Thanks for sharing awareness.

  23. Kids are so prone to get infected and in this rainy season, we need to be extra careful …I feel you have shared great information !!

  24. It’s painful to see our kids suffer with diarrhea. But thanks to ENTEROGERMINA for coming to the rescue! 🙂

  25. Diarrhoea is a common problem in small kids. Enterogermina is really helpful and I have used it too for my kids. Must have been an informative session.

  26. I am so afraid of Diarrhoea, I panic when any of my family member specially suffer with diarrhoea. infact I take spl care still in rain. Enterogermina gave me relief

  27. The monsoons have arrived and so will the problem of diarrhoea in kids. Glad I read your informative post, now tackling this problem in a better way.

  28. I too find Enterogermina very effective, always keep it handy at my home.

  29. Such a simple solution to a life threatening issue. glad you have shared this information.

  30. I too prefer such simple and safe solutions early and try to avoid the bad situation. and enterogermina is really helpful when it comes to improving gut health and avoid diarrhoea

  31. Diarrohea is indeed worrying in young children. Enterogermina is our go-to solution too.

  32. Enterogermina is our go-to medicine for both our kids. In fact, medicine is so good that even we use it for ourselves when the need be. Its a great solution for treating diarrhoea in kids.

  33. Diarrhea is a painful situation for little kids. Probiotics do help in keeping digestion in control. Enterogemina seems useful.

  34. I’m glad that enterogermina is really a good probiotic for kids who are suffering from diarrhoea and and this can really help to overcome the diarrhoea issues with your kids before this I used to use econorm.

  35. Good food and personal hygiene are the best to avoid diarrhoea but sometimes they can’t be enough. So glad to know about Enterogermina, I now have help to keep my kids safe.

  36. Diarrhoea can be so troublesome for kids and adults alike. My kids’ doctor always recommends
    Enterogermina in case of tummy troubles.

  37. Thanks for sharing..disrrhoea can really bad if not taken care.. thanks for some time tips and facts .. will do bookmark thanks

  38. Very good information and interesting facts. Glad to know about enterogermina.

  39. Brilliant post! I have used Enterogermina for my entire family. Thank you for such an informative post! Your little one looks so cute in the pic…

  40. This is so informative as kids are so sensitive and needed proper care …Look like a great event and Thanks for sharing

  41. Enterogermina is a lifesaver actually for moms of toddlers like me, no matter what we do diarrhoea is so prevalent in kids…

  42. Diarrhoea is common issue in kids during changing weather. These tips are perfect for kids to keep them safe from diarrhoea

  43. You have touched really such a great topic… Diarrhea is so common especially in this rainy season. I get almost 3 to 4 patients of diarrhoea everyday in my clinic.

  44. Such an informative post buddy, I have been giving kiddo enterogermina since he was small too and it has always worked

  45. Enternogermina definitely seems like the perfect solution for diarrhea in kids. Especially in this weather they’re highly prone to it.

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