Hopes and Wishes for a Better You

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In a World where you can be anything; BE KIND

Hopes and Wishes from a mother’s heart are always earnest and true to the ability in making of a child’s character. We all have our own share of hopes, wishes, dreams for kids, to pave out their path for better future we stand like a rock behind them. #MondayMommyMoments – my writing family gave a very interesting prompt this time – “what are my hopes and wishes for my child?”

My hopes and wishes for my little miss

As a mother I have many many hopes and wishes for my child (like any other mommy) , but what really matters it – what do I really want her to imbibe in her character as a person?

hopes wishes
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I wish her to be KIND and learn the act of kindness through her words as well as deeds, though this is an innate behaviour and cannot be taught however, simple selfless acts of kindness like smiling, appreciating, helping and sharing can bring lot of positiveness in life. Kindness helps you grow beyond the fragmentation of societal differences, if we bring ‘being-kind’ as their core structure early in the childhood days you will bring up a happy and positive child. Researches have shown that a happy/kind person is easily adjustable in any situation and take life positively.

I wish her to be Courageous – a person who can take stand for herself and differentiate between what is right and wrong for her. I will not be there with her to guide or tell the right/wrong always, she has to be independent and learn how to take decisions on her own. Courage will help her in taking even the ‘boldest’ decisions without being confused or tied in dilemma, also the fall from the ‘wrong decisions’ will never break her. Being brave help the kids to grow out of their prescribed boundaries, self-doubt, educational/professional stress, etc.

I wish her many more things, as a mother’s heart never stops at one or two 🙂 wish her to be happy, unbiased, pragmatic, just and adjustable/flexible. Hope her to be able to stand for herself and others’ when in need. I wish her to achieve what she aspires to be, it can be anything she likes but first she has to be a good and a kind human being. As a mother, wish her all the goodness of universe and yes truly HOPE she picks up reading!! Reading is my gateway to happiness and relaxation, plus it brings knowledge beyond books and schools. Do not want her to forcefully pick up on reading as I never go over-board in my parenting style, to know more about over-parenting click here

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18 thoughts on “Hopes and Wishes for a Better You

  1. I love the ability of moms for talking about kindness first .We all want to bring up kind children. Kindness is a difficult thing to teach .But an important lesson we must learn.Thank you Dipika for writing with us for #MondayMommyMoments. You always make me smile.

  2. First of all thanks Dipika for calling #MMM your family. We love bloggers like you as you are with us every week and are actually like our family now. Kindness, courage and ability to decide between right and wrong, all are great points. Thanks for linking up with #MMM once again. 🙂

  3. Kindness makes you feel happy. Internal happiness and it reflects the same on your face. My Grand pa use to say Kindness is seen from a persons face. I loved reading your post. And I am smiling as I learned an at to be kind to many many people around me.

  4. A lovely read! We all want to raise empathetic kids but making them courageous too is the need of the hour. It is very important that kids have the ability to take a stand for themselves… I am glad that there are moms like you, like me who think like this!!! Wish your wishes come true 🙂

  5. This was such a heart warming read Dipika straight from a mom’s heart and actually I am overwhelmed for a while. I feel the same for my kiddo too.

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