I am writing for #FlashbackRefreshed activity at forfoodiefamily in association with Sandy’s Bake Studio …. New Year brings excitement and zeal to achieve new heights with itself and brings a brainstorming session of ‘Resolutions’ as well. Ummm.. let’s not talk about how many I have achieved so far yet in the write-up!
So, this year yet again I have started channelizing all my energies on what I want to achieve…Irony is this energy only comes late in night when I struggle to sleep and make plans of starting fresh the very next morning. One most common resolution that every lady of my age takes is to stay fit! Well I have taken this resolution many a times, along with the by-resolutions which keep hampering my main resolution! Are you getting it…. The Clash of Resolutions.

For example, I pushed my man to sheer madness to get me a nice sleek super robust convection oven some 2 years back (without knowing the a-z of baking…shhh) he obliged (…as always) and I got my 30 ltr convection smart microwave. Now the ball is in my court, all he expected was a healthy return of his investment…give me some time, I will learn it very soon and then will roast chicken, bake veggies, toast…I uttered excitedly. Trying something new always gets its pros/cons…. now whatever I am cooking in my new machine, can’t go waste- it goes in chef’s tummy. So, here fitter me starts transforming into fatter me.

Practice makes a man, er..woman perfect, my perfection came in re-heating chapatis, re-heating doughnuts, re-heating baby’s milk! Here comes the time of new year, I pledge to learn Baking with the honest heart. But no one ever taught me how to cook in the first place, baking is no different – I will learn it myself (reading recipes online) all it delivered is some extra zeros in broadband billing but still no baking. Though 1 minute cup cakes and mug cakes came handy well, but then again, who eats cake from a mug lady!!! Make a proper cake and then bring on the table; says my man. Hmm…

Comes another time for new year resolution, ahh… by now I very well learned the art of roasting, grilling, re-heating, and cooking using microwavable energy in the sleek stylish box…but baking??? Last year’s resolution was to be at my fittest, hence joined the best gym in the neighborhood. Exercising brings healthy diet plans with itself and healthy diet has NO! NO! NO! place for yummy cakes, sweets, fruity muffins, apple/lemon pies, filled tarts, many such super yumm and wonderfully delicious…umm…sorry for getting carried away!!!

Here comes the demands from my little one (who is not so little now) Mommy I want a cup cake for my tiffin!! What! I mean really? My mom never gave me cup cakes in tiffin for my entire school life, I survived on simple humble parantha – subji! No, mumma I want a cup cake, all my friends get in tiffin-box. Here comes the biggest task called: trail-n-error, bake:taste, taste:learn, re-do:taste, bake:taste. What ever happens in gym, stays in gym!!!

So, that’s the story of my new year “Staying-Fit” Resolution, I resolve to stay fit – only to get derailed…but I love the simple fact, I never loose…. all I do is GAIN…be it extra kilos, or extra smile after baking a funny cup cake!!

Hope you like it, Thanks for reading!!

Dipika 🙂

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  1. So good your jumped in Blogging !!! keep rocking

    1. Thanks a ton di, all credit goes to you. Love ya

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