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hair transplant

What are the Guidelines for Washing Newly Transplanted Hair?


Haircare Guidelines after a Hair Transplant Surgery – A hair transplant is a cutting-edge hair regrowth technique. According to hair transplant experts, people with significant baldness […]

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acne treatment

Acne-proof your Skin in Anticipation of the Rainy Season


Acne Treatment during the rainy season for your skin – Because everything is green during the monsoons, it is a lovely time of year. The monsoon’s […]

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postpartum hair loss

How to Limit Postpartum Hair Loss?


Pregnancy, albeit a tough time, is also one of the most beautiful periods of a woman’s life. There is a life growing within and that new […]

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Best Hair Care Tips to Beat the Heat


The onset of summers gets me worried not only for temperature but also hair care. Scorching heat and angry Sun brings havoc to the skin as […]

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best hair oil

Excellent Natural Oils for Beautiful Long & Healthy Hair


Best Hair Oil – Hair care with love and nourishment of nature.  Hair-fall is one such horror which no one ever wishes to endure. No one wishes […]

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haiircare bblunt

Happy Hair Days – Busting Myths BBlunt


Good Hair Days Make Me Feel Like I Can Rule The World Isn’t this what every lady out there truly wishes for – Happy, Healthy Hair!!  […]

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