was in the middle of telephonic conversation when my little girl interrupted me fervently, I gestured her to be quite….. But she did not budge; kept on pulling me & disturbing. Irritated by such confusing commotion, I discontinued my phone and asked her angrily…”What is wrong with you!! Can’t you see I was on phone???? Dispirited she looked at me “Mumma I wrote ‘G’, in the lower case the way you taught me yesterday”, and retrieved to her room. I felt a pang of guilt for being so harsh on her…. but she should UNDERSTAND.

Just a little time ago I was giving dinner order for home delivery through phone, and this girl was constantly telling me something… in this sheer distress I did not confirm the order; resulting on eating oily fried Noodles instead of Rice…. God knows when will she listen to me!!

I was busy updating my write up when she told me something, she kept of saying it repeatedly….  finally forgotten what I was writing I asked her in annoyance: what is wrong with you???? Why don’t you listen to me in one time? 

Mumma, you don’t listen to me in one time so I keep on telling you again and again.

Me: What? When I did not listen to you? Errr… Yeah, ummm.. I was busy, you see… had lot of work to complete baccha..

Her: No mumma, you are always busy.. and never listens to me in ONE time.

I went numb when this realization struck me hard… that yes it’s ME who is at fault! 

And these tiny eyes were always looking at me with all hope, but got only disappointment in return.

I always felt she’s the one who is learning this bad habit of disturbing and troubling unnecessarily. But now with a little reminder from my baby and a small dose of introspection made me realise: I am actually not been listening to her at all. 

We usually tend to perceive things with a pre set notion, in this case when my child has become a little self dependent… i took a easy route of letting her do it herself. Slowly that became a habit, and whenever she comes back to me for those simple things…. I take it as “disturbing me“.

Leave your comments on parenting here. Thanks for reading 😊😊

Disclaimer: this blog post is for mycity4kids


  1. I always make the right noises and ask ‘Is it?” or ‘really?!’ whenever my son comes to me and start talking. Most of the times, I am only half listening. And mostly that is enough to make him feel important. I read somewhere that if we don’t listen to their seemigly unimportant queries, when they grow up, they will find it difficult to share with us their problems or other important happenings. We need to listen as you say.
    Well written. 🙂

  2. Oh! Yeah… I am guilty of that! There is a fine line between listening to them and making them realize that certain things are good manners, like waiting till someone has finished a phone call. Nice write-up

  3. I am guilty of doing this sometimes too.So now I have made a rule .She says if you love me,you will look at me.And I always look up with a smile.And if I am doing something very important,I tell her since you love me,you know mommy need this done now.Give me a minute .The second one works 50% of times.But my daughter just turned 5 .So its a journey.Beautifully written Dipika

  4. Yes we all do this at some times. My girls are big now ..so they still understand but they are much more vocal about it too. They keep on reminding me from time to time about how I don’t listen to them. Good read Dipika.

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