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7 Basic Makeup items you must Include in your Kit

The basic makeup kit essentials for you – The makeup industry is quite a vast industry and there are thousands of products and brands to choose from. It can get quite overwhelming to select a few products from a gamut of cosmetic products. This is the reason we have compiled a list of 7 basic makeup essentials that you must have in your kit. This will even become your go-to makeup kit, as all the products in this kit have been carefully thought through.

1. Moisturizer for healthy skin

The very foundation of good makeup is good skin, which you can get by using the right moisturizer. You can start with washing your face with a gentle cleanser, toning for deep cleansing and pores, and then using a moisturizer. CTM skincare routine is a very basic requirement of healthy skin, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

Based on your skin type (dry, acne-prone, or oily), you need to pick up the right moisturizer. You can finish it up with a dash of SPF on your face. If you want to compliment your moisturized skin with more hydration, then you can also use facial mist. 

2. Concealer and Foundation are the most basic makeup items in your Vanity

What do you do to hide your dark circles under the eye and to get rid of the blemishes? You use a concealer, according to the skin tone. You can use high coverage concealer or even a creamy liquid one will do the trick. It gives a natural look to your face.

A foundation also provides even skin tone and cover-up pretty well. You can use a foundation to get that flawless skin tone and to provide a subtle base for the everyday makeup look. A foundation also provides the base to your face for much complex makeup, so it is advised that you check out several tones of foundation and select the one that compliments the natural color of your skin. 

3. Lip Gloss and Lip Balms are the makeup essentials for every woman

There are times when you do not wish to use a lip color, but just want to add some volume and shine to your lips. A hydrating lip gloss or a lip balm comes in handy at such times. Apart from that, when you want to go bold with your lip color, then a lip gloss provides a base for it.

There are several well-known brands available in the market that offers a wide range of lip balms and tints. Mac, Lakme, Maybelline, Chanel, etc are some of the known brands which are particularly famous with the youth and also are not harmful for daily use. You can even try out the vegan versions of these makeup products if wish to. 

4. Eyeliner and Mascara 

You can never go wrong with the combo of eyeliner and mascara. Even if you do not use makeup extensively, you can still apply basic (black color) eyeliner to provide that depth to your eyes; and who says no to voluminous eyelashes!

While selecting the perfect mascara for yourself, choose the one that is the most consistent. As far as eyeliner is concerned, you can either go for a pencil one or a liquid one, whichever suits your needs. Go for waterproof and smudge-proof eye makeup cosmetics so that you do not need a touch-up for the whole day. 

5. Blush and Bronzer 

Blush and bronzer add a sheen to your face. You can wear all kinds of concealer, foundation, and primer on your skin, your makeup is not complete until you apply some blush to your face, especially in the cheekbones region. To simplify the look, you can even use the trio of blush, bronzer, and highlighter on, on-the-go. 

If you have gone for more opaque coverage with your foundation, then you should definitely use a blush, otherwise, your whole look will fall a bit flat. You can choose from a variety of formulations (gel, powder & liquid) of a blush. Use Sephora coupons and offers for the best deals and special offers on cosmetics.

6. Eyeshadow Palette

basic makeup kit essentials

If you are collecting the basic makeup set for yourself then you should definitely have a neutral palette for yourself. Some of the neutral shades are bronze, off-white, skin color, etc. Once you have this palette, you can go for bold shades of eyeshadow.

One Tip, if you are using an eyeshadow, then you should first go for an eyeshadow primer potion. It is important to use this primer because this will keep your eyeshadow in place (you will not suffer from eyeshadow creases).

Also, read Best Skincare regime when you are in your 30s, here.

7. Makeup Remover

Makeup remover solves two purposes: first, if you have had a bad makeup day, then the makeup remover comes in handy to rub off unwanted makeup from your face. Second, once you are done for the day, you definitely need to remove makeup, before going to bed.

A good makeup remover will help you in cleaning your face, that too effortlessly. While you are at it, do not forget to get some pointed Q-Tips, to remove makeup from your eyes’ region & from outside the lip-line. Before buying a makeup remover, check the ingredients and also, learn how it works. The ingredients should complement your skin type.

These are some of the key must-haves in your makeup kit, also, prioritize skin health by having a makeup-free day once a week. Hydrate your skin by eating well-balanced food, live an active life for an overall healthy and beautiful life. Choosing the right makeup cosmetics based on your skin type is also very essential. A wrong pick may give adverse effects too.


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  1. Thats a simple yet very useful post for almost each one of us. I do not use makeup. But I apply sunscreen or any lotion which has some SPF factor at home. BB cream and eye-liner are my go-to products for any last minute invitation.

  2. […] Also, read your basic make-up essentials, here. […]

  3. Mona Kapoor says:

    Very useful post for everyone specially those who are makeup lover. I hardly use makeup but I apply kajal regularly 😊 Very nice post.

    1. Glad you like it, I am also learning the art

  4. Wow.. Good to know that I have them all. I generally skip foundation and go with concealer instead. I am more of a kajal person but more than anything makeup remover is the must which many of us ignore.

    1. Glad you like it, Swati

    2. This is useful post for makeup lovers. All these things are actually used in makeup. I am very crazy about eye makeup😊 Post is helpful.❤️

  5. I love to do makeup. I have all this in my makeup kit and it is essential for perfect makeup and yes, the makeup brushes too.

  6. Wow loved the way you have explained detailing of all make up essentials in this post. though I am not much a make up person but Kajal and lip balm is in my essential list. and yes, make up remover is also another important aspect that many women forget. glad, you have mentioned about in in this post.

  7. You perfectly rounded up all the must-have items in our beauty kit. A moisturiser is most important for skincare and personally, I can’t do without lip balms and kajal.

  8. Priyal says:

    A very good post for makeup lovers. When it comes to me, I use lipstick and kajal only and in winter I use lip balm. Going to share this post with one of my friends who loves doing makeup

  9. This is a handy list to have. The makeup essentials in the list are really the ones most needed and have a place in any makeup kit. A sunscreen is something to be carried, especially when traveling in the harsh sun.

  10. Glad you added Moisturiser at the top of your list. Most of us forget to carry that. I am going to find out about a Bronzer , after your mention of it. Thanks for a helpful list.

  11. Blush and bronzer have not been in my kitty. But now I will have them too. Since we have been reluctant of going out having only the basic things is important. You have collated them well.

  12. My wife is fond of makeup and will find these makeup kit essentials very useful. I’m going to share with her the list right away. One thing you’ll always find in her purse is the moisturizer and lipstick. I didn’t realize there are more things that she could add to her essentials list.

  13. I totally agree with this list Dipika. These are some of the most essential makeup essentials that I also try and keep updated in my list. Though kajal and lipgloss top the chart in my vanity kit. 🙂 Would love to read more on makeup by you. may be some great brands that we could use. 🙂

  14. Totally agree to this list Deepika. From preparing the skin before applying making to removing it, all these items are a must to carry in vanity.

  15. Kavita Singh says:

    Moisturizer is indeed a must in any skincare and makeup kit. I have a few brands that I love and don’t like to experiment with new ones when it comes to moisturizers. Lip gloss and kajal are always on my makeup kit and are mostly used when stepping out.

  16. The Other Brain Inc. says:

    The two basic products that I never leave the house without are kajal and lip balm. They are my always use products but yes moisturiser is also very important.

  17. oh wow.. these are some helpful pointers for beginners like me. Never knew the importance of Blush and Bronzer . I am gonna upgrade my makeup kit

  18. Ruchi Verma says:

    I usually use eyeliner, Kajal and lipstick in my makeup bag, but now I know what I am missing for so long. Thanks for sharing this list.

  19. I absolutely go with these basic products of makeup that you have listed. A good moisturizer and a proper shade of concealer can do the trick alone.

  20. oh wow.. these are some helpful pointers for beginners like me. Never knew the importance of Blush and Bronzer . I m always confused when comes to makeup

  21. Dr Bushra says:

    Thanks for sharing the Makeup items that must be Included in makeup Kit. I’ve only few items from the list. Need to upgrade my makeup

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