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5 Amazing Online Games to Play with Friends and Family

The most fun and interesting Online Games to play with family and friends – I remember the time when a simple card game was a do-or-die competition between us siblings and cousins, also, any game of ludo would end up looking like another World War. It was fun, however, with the life rat race we missed the fun part tragically. The recent changes in the past, have confined families indoors, bringing out ideas to spend time and engage with each other well.

By now we have become proficient in all things virtual, from birthday parties, business meetings, fitness classes, to marriages and what not! Who would have thought a game of Bingo played on a Zoom meeting for a kid’s birthday would be so much fun? Solitaire level challenges are daily scoop news in the inner circles, folks would update each other with the current level and our achievements. This is something, I also look up to every evening with my family and friends groups.

There are a plethora of online games available on the internet, but not all are suitable and recommended. Here is a list of the 5 most fun and amazing online games to play with friends and family.


Solitaire games bring back nice memories from childhood, when I was first introduced to this classic game of luck, wits, and right moves by a cousin. Over the years, Solitaire has evolved into numerous new avatars, while you get free card games on the internet easily, most of them are laced with either annoying advertisements or hardly have new challenges. is one such platform that gives you non-stop challenge of card games without any interruptions. I have tried various styles of card games on, like – Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Pyramid, Tripeaks, Golf, but for me, nothing beats the one or three-deck draw online game of Solitaire.

This is one such game that can be played with your friends and family, I have been in the top position in my family group in the classic solitaire points challenge. It is so much fun to play these challenges with your peeps.

solitaire online games for kids and family

2. Logic Puzzle Video Games

Research has proven that certain video games improve the cognitive skills of children especially when it comes to reading and understanding the instructions to solve the puzzle. Solving logical puzzles also improves brain capabilities and challenge young minds to think out of the box.

Games such as Daily Bridges connect islands using bridges in a math-based logic puzzle. This game offers a new puzzle each day along with multiple difficulty levels and puzzle sizes. Such games are quite impressive and require critical thinking to solve a puzzle.

Such logic puzzle video games require players to think of a strategy to solve and win to the next level, also playing it requires some efficient problem-solving skills too. Online games also improve multitasking in players, as they have to think and complete various levels to solve and move forward.

3. Mahjong Games – Online Games for players

Mahjong is a classic tile-matching game that challenges your brain. Mahjong Solitaire is the typical variant played online, these Mahjong games come in HTML format to play without downloading the software. Matching the tiles to move forward and solve the puzzle uses brain-power and problem-solving skills.

Over years, these games have evolved into various styles, however, the classic Chinese Mahjong remains famous among all. Solving these games with friends and family adds up the challenge to another level.

4. Free Word Online Games to play with friends

Crosswords and word games have proven to enhance critical thinking and improve brainpower. As a parent, I have introduced word games to my child from the very beginning. Every day I would give her a new word to unscramble or an easy crossword to solve. This not only built a healthy habit of solving puzzles but also increased command of a language.

Free word games like Crossword, Word Search, Letter Logic, Scramble, Wordoku help you learn to spell, logical reasoning, learn new words, and problem-solving.

Play and challenge your friends to beat you in a game of crosswords. This is surely worth flaunting to your peers. Check our more interesting word games here.

Online games

5. Online Card Games

Who doesn’t like playing card games, and when you find a plethora of free online card games, it is like a lottery for gaming lovers. Free online card games like Blackjack, Gin Rummy, Hearts, Spite & Malice are very interesting and captivating. These card games apply logical thinking and team-playing management.

So now you know 5 amazing Free Online Games to play with friends and family. So, next time when you wish to flaunt your smartness to the peers, show them your online games score board and pose a challenge to beat you at it.

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  1. Word games are my favourite ones to play online. Not only I pass time but also build my vocab!

  2. […] Also, read 5 Amazing Online Games to Play with Friends and Family […]

  3. […] Also read about the 5 amazing online games for friends and family, here. […]

  4. Online games can be beneficial for everyone if we make the right selection. For example, playing scrabble not only entertain us but also help us improve our vocabulary.

  5. great list Dipika. among all these option, I like most. I had visited their website few days ago and loved it. the website has versatile collection of games and I had enjoyed many of these with my family.

  6. Such an enticing list that even a non online gaming freak like me now wishes to give them a try at least one. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. I don’t find myself interested in games right from my young age. I use my gadgets for every other thing except games. However that is not the case with my husband who loves playing games will suggest these websites. Thanks for sharing

  8. I loved all the five online games you recommended in this post. My favourite remains the one/three-deck draw online game of Solitaire. It is an evergreen game and I like playing it with friends.

  9. Ruchi Verma says:

    Playing online games is one of the stress busters for me and Solitaire is one game now even I don’t remember from when I am playing. Great post!!

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