4 Cool Cartilage Earrings Trend to Follow in 2019

best earrings trend in 2019

The year 2019 has so far stayed very stylish and trendy when it comes to jewelry. One can never get enough of jewelry and it has been rightly said by someone that jewelry is like the perfect spice as it always complements what’s already there.  This year showed a lot of bold designs, bright colors, and amazing looking accessories. We are here with cool cartilage earrings trend of this year.

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top earrings trend in 2019

Cool and cute cartilage earrings are trending these days and you will find them in every girl’s jewelry collection. The time has changed and earrings have taken over our jewelry boxes. From so many trendy options like hoops, mismatched pairs, drop earrings, shells, pearls, chandeliers, and sculptural earrings, girls for sure have a lot of variety to choose from and get that perfect cartilage jewelry that they’ve always wanted in order to enhance their looks. The year 2019 bought a lot of glamour and playfulness when it comes to earrings. To know more about cool cartilage earrings trends to follow in 2019, keep reading:

1. Crystal Earrings Trend in 2019 –

Crystal earrings have made an amazing comeback this year. It has a flaunting comeback. Everyone should personify this stylish 2019 jewelry trend and style them in their own way. Crystal cartilage earrings in the form of cuffs, hoops, chandeliers, and studs look amazing with any kind of look. One can also buy diamond-covered cartilage earrings cuff to create a spellbinding look for your ear piercing. One can choose these diamonds covered crystal cartilage earrings with white, gold and rose gold.

2. Asymmetrical Earrings –

Asymmetrical Earrings Trend in 2019

The youth of today for sure likes to experiment. Today the girls have changed their mindset and they don’t wear matching earrings. They create their own style and many girls have been seen to love wearing these asymmetrical earrings in recent years. By wearing asymmetrical earrings, one gets to show off more of their collection and more of their uniqueness by giving it a creative touch. Try and wear something like an initial in one ear and a diamond stud in another ear, a pearl in one ear and gemstone earrings in another ear, stone in one ear and drop earring in another ear. These are suitable for college going girls and can also be worn at parties or for that matter if you are going clubbing with your friends.

3. Hoops –

Hoops are really trending this year, 2019. Heavy loops are one of the most trending out of any hoops and that undoubtedly take all the attention on your look. There are many options, one can choose from small and big hoops, unsymmetrical hoops, hoops earring with a small pendant or diamond-studded hoops. Hoops really enhance your looks when one wear in their cartilage piercing and you can wear these with any outfit and at any occasion.

4. Cuffs –

Cuffs earrings trend 2019

Cuffs are something that can never go out of style. Many young girls consider these pretty things with great interest while looking for that perfect cartilage jewelry for them.  Cuffs can be found in different shapes, sizes and styles. As they are found in so many different shapes and styles, these pretty things never go unnoticed, and grabs the attention of others as they can make you look cute and elegant and also sometimes add a bit of sassiness to your looks. Even the studs which have much simpler designs can give you that perfect elegant look that you desire. These, like the hoops, can again be worn with any kind of outfits and at any occasion.

Above all are the really cool options, one can pick to follow the earrings trend in 2019. Also, one can simply wear cartilage stud earrings to give a simple and elegant look to your entire outfit, which looks really nice for anyone. Good Luck!


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  1. True! Earrings have taken over our jewelry boxes. I like to match my earrings and make sure they go with my dress. Cool options here ?

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  3. Super handy information especially for cartilage earrings. I’m sharing this with my dad.

    1. Glad you liked it.

  4. Cartilage earring look great on you.Thanks for sharing this content.

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