Examining the Craze: 10 Fashionable Earring Trends That Are Sweeping the World in 2019

fashionable earrings trends 2019

An outfit is never complete without an accessory, perhaps more than one. And some would venture so far as to say that an outfit is no outfit without accessories. I mean, where else are you supposed to put your keys, lipstick and identification card? What else can you do to take an otherwise plain sheath dress from plain old to, “Excuse me miss, but you where did you get your outfit?”

With so many gorgeous earrings available online you will be hard pressed not to find the perfect pair at the perfect price. Whether you’re looking for something trendy, retro, simple and elegant or out of this world and jaw dropping, here are 10 earring trends that are sweeping the world in 2019 that are sure to make any fashionista in your life, no matter how choosy, overcome with those must have jewelry feels.

1. Golden Hoops

golden hoop earrings
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Hoops are a timeless and well loved style of earrings that just cannot seem to beat. Although hoops come in many different mediums, white gold, platinum, titanium and more, there’s nothing like a classic yellow gold hoop. And the great thing about hoops is that it does not matter what size you choose, they’re always going to be stylish. Even though larger hoops seem to be winning in the hoop earring race, there are so many variations on the hoop that you can’t run out of style inspiration.

One fun variation on hoops is crescent hoops. With these, bigger is definitely better. Crescent hoops are usually open on the bottom, and they are sure to turn heads. You can also personalize your hoops and have your name or another word across the middle. There are also plenty of thicknesses to choose from, such as thin and dainty or thick and bold.

2. Sculptural Designs

Best fashionable earrings trend 2019

If you are looking for something eye catching and absolutely different, earrings with sculptural designs are a great way to go. You will find earrings whose wire has been shaped to look like a wild rose or a hibiscus, the Empire State Building, a panther or even the shape of your home state or country. Look for custom sculpted options if you really want to stand out or make a statement. A chef, food critic or foodie can appreciate a pair of earrings shaped like kitchen utensils. Things like a modified whisk and spatula or a twisted fork and spoon.

3. Under the Sea

There is a wave of shell jewelry sweeping the country. Maybe the announcement of The Little Mermaid remake solidified the trend as one that would stick around for a while. Earrings featuring sea items like shells and pearls are on trend for a while. Shells and pearls are all natural embellishments that you can feel good about wearing when you need an extra dose of summer. Cowry shells, spiral shells, raw or cultured pearls, are not just for the beach anymore.

As far as pearls go, they are so much more than something your grandmother would wear to her ladies league or book club meetings. Rough pearls are the perfect medium to bridge the gap between cool and sophisticated.

4. Chandelier

chandelier fashionable earrings

Previously thought to be only for dress up and fancy occasions, the chandelier earrings is making an everyday comeback in 2019. Whether it is just another day at the office, a gala or third date, you can wear a pair of chandelier earrings without the fear of being overdressed. These can glam up an outfit, for sure, but a little bling never hurt a good outfit.

You can be classy without being gaudy while wearing chandelier earrings. The trick is choosing the right shape and size. Ornate metallics are a great companion to boho looks, gemstone medallions tend to be a little softer and complete more classic looks, and vintage chandeliers are great for a fancy occasion.

5. Fashionable Earrings – Mismatch them

Who said everything has to be all matchy, matchy? Not this girl. Just like you can wear mismatched socks, you can also wear mismatched earrings on purpose and not look like you got dressed in the dark. Wearing earrings that don’t match is a big trend in 2019 and it is a bold move. Go for an asymmetrical look with a larger earring on one side and a considerably smaller one on the other ear. You can even rock a single earring. There are lots of options to choose from, and one of the perks of this trend is that you don’t even have to buy more earrings if you don’t want to.

6. 80’s Retro

When you are channeling the 1980’s pop culture you want to have some large and chunky earrings in your jewelry box. The 80’s was all about big hair, big shoulders, big music, long legs, and bold makeup. So many things that were driving the fashion of the time, and capturing that in a trendy earring is sure to get you noticed. There’s chainmail to chunky spiral hoops and bold colors to work with. And just because the 80’s were all about big everything, you can still pull off a dainty and demure look with this style of earring, so go big and bold and have fun.

drop earrings

7. Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are becoming increasingly popular. They look good with almost any outfit. This style of earring is often quite simple in design and lends an elegant air to your ensemble. Pairing them with any outfit is an easy choice because it can enhance your look without drawing too much attention. Drop earrings can be fairly short, extending less than an inch below the ear lobe or several inches, extending all the way down to your collar bone. You can choose a metallic stud, precious stone or gemstone, metallic chains and more.

They give any look a more feminine touch. If you’re really into the girlish looks, drop earrings should be your go to earring. Try adding colorful drops for a boost on a gray day or when you just need a bright pick me up.

8. Cartilage Earrings

The Cartilage piercings are an edgy and cool trend that is not showing much sign of slowing down. Cartilage earrings are placed in the upper ear area where the pinna cartilage is located. Although these piercings tend to be much more painful than ear lobe piercings and take much longer to heal, they allow you to adorn more of the real estate on your ear. There are lots of interesting pieces you can add here. Spikes, studs, stars and more can be used to jazz up your cartilage.

Cartilage piercings include industrial, which goes through two points of cartilage; the tragus, which is the little piece that extends from your head towards your ear canal; the helix, which goes upper area of the ear; and the rook, which is near the top of the inner fold of the ear. There are plenty of others, so.

9. Abstract

abstract design fashion earrings

Abstract art in jewelry is really making a comeback. There are custom earrings that can say a whole lot more than you might expect. Abstract art is a fun thing to have in any jewelry box. Odd shapes or everyday shapes with a one of a kind print or design on them pair well with any boho chic look or a simple and plain colored dress. Showing your love for art and whimsy to your earrings is a fun trend that can really strike up a conversation.

10. Cuff Me

Ear cuffs are an earring trend that can be worn whether or not you have pierced ears. There are some ear cuffs that anchor to your ear through your piercing, but many simply clamp on as the name suggests. Cuffs can be a singular hoop or have an interesting design, like a claw, talon or something geometric. Part of the fun of an ear cuff is that it allows you to adorn as much of your ear as you want, without having to commit to all of the holes. Wear one or a couple or pair them with a more traditional earring. It’s all up to you.

Piercings are the most common body modification, and chances are that if you have pierced ears, you are looking for ways to enhance your looks and selfies with some trendy ear candy. There are lots of options, and your personal preferences will undoubtedly play a role in what trends you decide to follow. Because jewelry is one of the most basic ways to step up your look or make an old outfit look brand new, there is no reason not to give some of these stylish and globally sweeping earring trends ago. You may find that you already have some of these styles at your disposal or maybe you will discover a new favorite pair of earrings that will never steer you wrong.


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  1. Kitne khubsurat designs hain,

  2. I’ve always fancied ear rings, the one piece of accessory I can’t have enough of. Never thought of mismatching them though. That’s something new

    1. Glad you liked the information, Leha. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. I like the drop earing most. They are trendsetters and gels well with most outfits easily.

  4. Very beautiful designs. I like the drop earnings too. Along with drop one, I will go with abstract ones.

  5. wow.. feeling like an update to me on my fashion jewelry and i certainly need to shop some new ones..

  6. I am so fond of earrings, I keep changing them all the time. Looking at the list I realized I have these designs in my box… I am with the trend 🙂

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    1. Thank you, glad to know you liked it.

  9. I loved the sculptured look of the earrings. Very edgy but beautiful.I like retro and Indian traditional jewellery a lot.

    1. Thank you, glad you like it.

  10. Gold hoops just never go out of fashion, I think! These days, the bigger the better! Love drops and abstract earrings too.

  11. As someone who has way too many earrings and loves buying more, I loved reading this post! Haven’t got any hoops though – time for some shopping.

    1. Ditto! thank you for stopping by.

  12. Oh I loved the earrings collection on your post. But 80s retro has emerged as my favorite.

  13. Love all these earring trends. Golden hoops are my all time favorite though. Would like to check out ear cuffs too!

  14. That’s a pretty cool post! I’m an avid earrings lover and the most I wear from this list are Abstract earrings. Thanks for writing.

    1. Touche, glad to know about it. Thank you for stopping by.

  15. I am a big jewelery buff. I love experimenting with big statement pieces but on a daily basis I prefer more dainty styles.

    1. Earrings are my favorite accessories they complete your look. We have a variety of options these days which you have shared too, I love chandelier designs and sculpted designs.

  16. Such beautiful pictures you shared, I am kind of currently loving that the hoops are back in fashion. With 90s fashion also making a come back, it gives me complete Raveena Tondon vibes.

  17. i have some fascination over chunky chandeliers, longer the better. Ear cuffs are also pretty cute.

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  20. Dipika, you have very well listed all the earrings a woman would like to have. I came to know names to the specific ones through your post.

  21. I live collecting earrings and have few of these designs too. Hoops are my favourite and so are abstracts. Chandeliers work very well for functions and look elegant.

  22. You have beautifully summarised all the styles in trend today Dipika, I love flaunting ear pieces and try all styles from time to time

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    Thanks, I loved looking at the various designs. Vicarious pleasures of window shopping 😛

  26. Nice! I absolutely love wearing earrings. After reading this list, I figured I am right on track this year. Great post.
    Good luck,
    Surbhi #sureads

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