How To Wear Summer Outfits in Winter

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Winter is the season to stay warm and cover up. But covering up does not have to be boring. Most people picture winter outfits as bulky, monotonous single-colored jackets and hideous sweaters. Don’t cramp your style by getting stuck with dreary winter clothing. How about adding a little boldness to your winter wear options by wearing your summer outfits in winter?

Keep your entire wardrobe open and accessible in all seasons. With some creativity, a dash of color, a generous sprinkling of flair, and voila, you are ready to dazzle. Just imagine all the gorgeous ways in which you could channel the energetic summer vibes into your winter clothing. Create delightful winter women outfits at no extra cost or effort by winterizing your summer fashions. 

Reasons why you should consider utilizing your summer clothes as winter wear items.

  • Embrace minimalism. Instead of owning a wardrobe full of seasonal items you rarely wear, access your wardrobe all year round. Invest in a few attractive and useful outfits which you mix and match with other clothing items and accessorize. This will be cost-effective as well as eco-friendly in the long run.
  • Redefine winter wear for womencreatively. Be a beautiful and original version of yourself than trying to ape someone else’s style. Nudge your chic sense to reveal inspired combinations that reflect your personality.
  • Dress practically in layers. Using your summer clothes in winter would entail dressing in multiple but practical layers. So, when indoors or in a warm location, you can peel off a layer and still retain your chic get-up.

If you are wondering how to repurpose your summer wear for winter, here are some suggestions to help you get started.

1. Tank Tops and Camisole Tops –

Both the above are great standalone items during summer. Consider wearing tank and camisole tops underneath quilted bomber jackets or collared blazers as winter wear. Wear a lapel collar blazer on top of the camisole top and match it with high-waisted trousers. Complete the formal look with high-heeled boots. For a more casual look, try pairing an oversized cardigan with these tops followed by a pair of jeans and biker boots.

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2. Skirts (mini, midi, maxi, flowing) –

winter wear
Image Source – FabAlley

When considering a skirt as winter wear for women, it is important to stay warm and amply covered. Regardless of the type of skirt, it is essential to wear nylon stockings, tights, or thermal leggings under the skirt at all times. When wearing the mini skirt, you could wear a round-neck sweater that you tuck into your skirt. You could also consider wearing a turtle neck top and a fitted cardigan to complete the look. If you try these top options with a maxi or flowy skirt, consider wearing a belt to help tuck in the top without appearing lumpy.

The best look for Demin skirts would be to pair them with darker colors – a black high neck sweater and black leggings. Ideally, when wearing a short skirt, consider donning over-the-knee boots for extra warmth. If you are wearing a maxi or flowy skirt, then kitten heel boots would look neat.

3. Shorts (denim, khaki, floral/printed) –

Though it may not seem obvious at first, shorts are an interesting item for winter women’s outfits. Warm-up this look by wearing tights or leggings underneath your shorts along with ankle-length boots or over-the-knee boots. As a first option, grab a band t-shirt to wear and cover up with faux fur or a long-buttoned coat.

Option two involves wearing a collared shirt and a stylish high neck zippered jacket. You could also consider popping on a belted long coat to complete the look.

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Source – FabAlley

4. Summer Dresses –

The comfort these dresses bring in summer can be enjoyed as women’s winter wear. If your summer dress is sleeveless, wear a fitted shirt under the dress and put on a gorgeous cardigan for extra warmth. Wrap a belt on this ensemble to define your waist and complete the look with tights and ankle-heeled boots. Another option would be to wear a neutral-colored cozy flannel shirt over your dress and accessorize with a warm scarf around your neck. Finally, wear comfortable socks and long boots and accessorize with a chain-handled purse.

You could also try the combination of a pastel-colored summer dress, patterned tights, biker leather jacket, and chunky earrings.

5. Jeans and Beach Accessories –

Jeans are fashionable all year round. Up your fashion quotient further by wearing colorful tights underneath your ripped jeans for extra warmth. You could wear a textured or embellished sweater on top matching the color of your tights, along with leather boots. Complete the look with a colorful fabric bag or straw knit beach bag and sunglasses.

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Image Source – FabAlley

Conclusion –

Channelize your inner diva when choosing women’s winter wear. Evolve from the multitude wearing oversized, monochrome winterwear to elegant, colorful creations of your own. Sparkle with your unconventional blends, one summer outfit at a time by carrying the exuberance of summer into winter. Characterized by bright, cheerful hues, summer fashion is ideal for ramping up the dull, darker, or muted tones of winter clothing.

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  1. Clothing and confusion always go hand in hand when it comes to women’s fashion. Confusion about what to wear for any occasion always arises. Which is better- the classic ethnic Indian wear or the modern western wear? These days most Indian women prefer to wear western wear as it is more modern, comfortable, and looks more confident.

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