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This post is special for me, as I have written it for a blog which inspires many like me to write our mind – write freely and direct dil se. For you Shalini

There are few things in life which leave a déjà vu kind of feeling lingering behind – like I so much wanted to write for Shalini’s blog (since read her posts on a Blogging challenge we participated together) and her Blog’s ONE-year celebration gave me an opportunity to write and feature here. Many Congratulations for happy first ?

Mother Teresa once said –

Not all of us can do GREAT things, but we can do small things with great LOVE.

I once read somewhere – “Love Yourself Enough to Take Actions Required for YOUR Happiness”, and this kind of stuck to me forever now. For me happiness is just not fulfilment of desires/needs but also a feeling of gratitude towards life. As a part of this social system it’s just not the family that makes us happy, but also the society.

Being brought up in a joint family of a small town, where family, extended family and everyone in near surrounding’s are called as – uncles/ aunts/ brothers/ sisters/ rubber-band cousins. Sharing kitchen secrets or some yummy delights, calling over for lunch/ dinner never required any special occasion. Same with the advises – unasked, uncalled advises! Even if you don’t need them, they (family & friends) will illuminate you with their directions until you accept with folded hands & smiling face.

After moving out from my small town I missed known smiling faces the most, but at the same time got my freedom from all those prying eyes. I loved this newly found independence, it was exhilarating – go anywhere, do anything, wear what you like, nothing required approval or an added burden of ‘what will they say?’ Life is beautiful and liberating, loved the transformation from dependent to self-sufficient. But what you see good superficially, does not always turn out to be true……

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