Paul Immigrations Reviews: 15 Benefits of Becoming a Singapore PR

Paul Immigrations Reviews

With its thriving dynamic culture, a booming economy and an environmentally sustainable way of life, Singapore are rightfully considered as one of the best cities in Asia to settle in. No wonder, every year many people consider applying for Singapore Permanent Residents or PR for a better quality of life.

But becoming a Singapore citizen also means you are eligible to enjoy all these benefits and a lot more. So if you are a current pass holder – S Pass, Employment Pass, Personalised Employment Pass or Entrepreneur Pass Holder – or a Student Pass Holder – who has passed at least one national exam and lived in the country for at least two years – wondering if it’s worth investing your time and money in the long application process for the PR, we are here to explain a list of advantages you will enjoy once you have a Singapore Blue Card.

Top 15 Benefits of Singapore PR

Becoming a permanent resident in the Lion City means – in a nutshell – you will get to avail a wide range of benefits and freedoms like a normal citizen of the country. But what does that really mean?

Paul Immigrations Reviews
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Live, enter and leave hassle-free – Once you have acquired permanent residency in the Lion City, your Blue Card acts as your most vital identity document. You get the independence of not having to apply for a separate Singapore visa for travel or work every time you fly out.

Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) for immediate family – As a PR in this little red dot you can apply for LTVP for your dependent or spouse. Your family gets to enjoy a stable immigration option for long term stay in the country.

Sponsor PR for immediate family – Immigration to the Republic for your immediate family gets easier. With a PR you are allowed to sponsor your spouse and kids for Permanent Residence.

Better employment opportunities – Acquiring permanent residency means you no longer need to apply for work permits or submit Letters of Consent every time you change jobs. This applies to any full time or part-time employment in all sectors including government employment. The PR also allows you to work in more than one part-time job, freelance and contractual employments.

Better business opportunities – As an Employment Pass holder you are not allowed to be a sole proprietor of a business, but with a PR you can! You can start your dream venture in the most vibrant economy in Asia, rise on top as directors and officers in most Singapore companies and reap the benefits of the country’s entrepreneur-focused economy.

Employment ease – Like many other countries companies in the Republic prefer to hire candidates with PR, than foreigners. Usually, because it means fewer paper works, legal formalities and expenses involved.

Employment for family members – If your dependent or spouse with LTVP finds a job, they can apply for Letters of Consent to start working in Singapore.

Paul Immigrations Reviews
Apply for Singapore PR in a stress-free way – Paul Immigrations Reviews

Retiring in Singapore – Although Singapore doesn’t offer a Retirement Visa, you are allowed to stay in the country post-retirement and live off your pension and savings.

Buy second-hand HDB units – 3 years after you receive the PR, you are eligible to buy resale public housing leaseholds. You also enjoy a higher priority to get various loans – such as housing loan – to buy properties.

Buy second-hand condos – Unlike foreigners, PRs are not restricted to buying a resale executive condo that is older than 10 years.

Better chance at buying landed properties – Foreigners need to overcome laws set in place to restrict them from buying landed properties like terrace housing or bungalows. However, PRs are more likely to earn the approval of the Ministry of Law to buy these properties.

Lower stamp duty – On real estate purchase PRs have to pay significantly lower Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty rate than a foreigner.

Access Central Provident Fund (CPF) – Foreigners and non-PRs are not eligible for CPF in Singapore. CPF is a compulsory social security savings plan for citizens and PRs. Also, CPF contributions made by the employer are non-taxable and contributions made by you can be used for tax relief purposes.

Privileges to visit foreign countries – As a holder of Singapore, passport PRs enjoy higher freedom to visit foreign countries. That includes visa-free entry to a number of countries, greater odds of obtaining visa approval, longterm visas and lower cost of visas.

Path to citizenship – Obtaining PR is the only realistic path available to foreigners to get citizenship in the country after waiting for 2 years.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Stress-Free PR Application

If you are looking for a simplified, stress-free way to get PR to reap all the benefits (and many more) listed above, Paul Immigrations is here to help. The PR application process can certainly seem long and baffling for many and this is where the company’s years of expertise come handy.

Organizing the necessary documents for PRs is the first and most important task, which can understandably be a little daunting. As it happens with many PR applicants applying without the help of experienced professional guidance, one or more documents get missing and make their application invalid. The consultancy is here to do the task for you and make sure every document is in place. They will also arrange the additional documents – including Letters of Recommendation – to show your best qualities and contributions in the country. For a better chance of approval, the company’s in-house writers will craft personalized cover letters that reflect the strength of your application.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Step by Step Guidance All the Way

On your path to PR, you are required to submit a wide lot of documents. One mistake and your application turn invalid. The process is tiresome, sometimes confusing and without a guiding hand can sure seem lonely. This is why hiring an immigration specialist like Paul Immigrations can be helpful; it will prevent any time wastage as well as offer you peace of mind while the company guides you through the procedure. At every step of the application process, the company will help you with their years of insight and expertise. All you need is to have the patience to make your big Singapore PR dream come true.


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