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Pampers doesn’t need any introduction in mommy-land. This has been mine and many mother’s like me – by default first choice. If diaper is the need; then this is the generic solution to it. Over the years, pamper-diapers not just evolved on technology front but also have cultivated trust in our hearts.


One such diaper brand – where baby’s comfort is mightier than everything else. LOVE. SLEEP. PLAY is their motto. Dry and comfortable in diapers, is a happy baby. Happy baby = Happy parents 🙂


About the Event – #Magicof3 by Pampers

Recently, I was invited to an event organized by Pampers Moms Club to learn about Magic Of 3 technology. Magic gel technology in New advanced Baby Dry Pull-up Pants with 3 Extra Absorb Channels.

Image credit – Ruchie Verma

Q. Why #magicof3?

A. New PampersBaby Dry Pants have 3 revolutionary Extra Absorbing Channels. Which helps in distributing the wetness evenly all across the diaper, instead of bulking at one area. The Magic Gel layer not only evenly distributes the wetness, it also locks within. Up to 12hours of dryness for baby, aiding to undisturbed sleep whole night.

Mommy did a Live Demo with #magicof3 technology

Would you believe on hear-n-say or tried-n-tested? I would go with later, sure most of us would. Got to try the revolutionary technology, myself.

  • Using equivalent amount of liquid as an average baby’s pee.
  • The absorbent layer; taken from New advanced Dry Pants diaper.
  • Florescent ink – to show the effect under UV light.
  • Portable UV light.
  • Transparent tray.

Video shared above, clearly shows the effect of #magicof3 technology. How well the liquid get soaked evenly, divided into 3 channels. Post absorption the diaper doesn’t feel bumpier or heavy. This gives baby ease of movement and dry upper layer. Also saves from unwarranted diaper rash.

Image credit – pampers

Pampers for me & you

I have ONLY used Pampers for my daughter when she was of diaper’s age. The brand promises of comfort, which holds true to the claim. With many variants ranging with age and weight differences, the diapers is for one and all. Prized economically can fit into everyone’s pocket easily.

Premium Pants

Image – pampers website

For extra soft and ultra care, use Pampers variant of Premium Pants. These diapers have super soft absorbent layer, for premium care. The moisturized layer keeps the baby skin extra soft and saves from rashes. Also the disposable wrappers help in easy disposing for used diapers.

The Momclub event helps in networking with other fabulous bloggers, and momprenures working in the field of empowering woman. Meeting & Greeting fellow bloggers, especially with the common favorite of a brand gives happiness.

With Ruchie Verma from Wigglingpen & Heena from iCynosure

Hope you like the demo done by yours truly, and please share your favorite brand of diapers in the comments below.


Disclaimer – The author was invited for bloggers event to understand the #magicof3 technology. All views shared here are true to author’s knowledge.

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