It got to be LOVE!

LOVE, nouna strong feeling of affection.
Usage: “babies fill parents with intense feelings of love”. 
Synonyms: deep affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachment, endearment.
With the given definition; happy, fond, warm, intimate, attached, endear, whatever we feel in our life is all because of LOVE. No wonder I have been so fond of this word 😉
Love makes our life happier and makes it worth giving a try.
I LOVE my life, not just because GOD had been real generous on me! but also due to all the stakeholders I have in it…
I love my life, because I have been given a fair chance by my parents to live it. They not only brought me to this world but also provided me with the best of Education, Knowledge, Opportunities, Confidence & Courage. They taught me to have faith in myself, dream & achieve…. they brought me up with hope, with LOVE.
I love my life, because I have lived it on my own terms. Be it college admission, or choosing the right career, be it venturing out newer places or choosing man of my dreams…..I am responsible of my own actions. These decisions have taught me lessons on every turn of life, hence I fill it up with LOVE to make it memorable.
I love my life, because I have you in it. You have made my life a wonderful dream, to which I never want to wake up. With your presence life is happier, contained, enjoyable, merry, and much more. Your LOVE above all makes me a better person.
I love my life, because I have a happy, contained family with a little one to fill our hearts with joy and giggles.
I love my life, because I am doing what I loved doing the most – writing my thoughts and reading. My precious possession is my books which I treasure more then anything. When I began this journey of blogging, never imagined it will fill my space with happy thoughts and good reads. Today, I LOVE connecting & linking with new people/bloggers and take up writing challenges. Love & Passion combined make it all the more exciting.
I Love My Life… It makes me push the boundary further and explore more, it makes me realize we just get this lovely LIFE once, live it to the fullest and with LOVE.
Thanks for reading 🙂
I am writing this post for BLOGCHATTER prompt of the week LOVE.
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  1. I love my life too, and everyone should cherish their lives. It was a wonderful read.

    1. Thanks a lot Tina for reading… ??

  2. Very interesting reasons to love a life. It is always nice to be in a front seat and riding a vehicle called LIFE by self decisions 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by. Appreciate your feedback ?

  3. Love is important. In everything we do if it doesn’t excite us its not right for us.Great take on the prompt

    1. Thank You Amrita, means a lot ??

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