The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wedding Jewellery for Women


Choosing wedding jewellery is just as important as choosing your dress, hairstyle, and location for your special day. After all, you will have photos to look back on for years. That’s why you must take the time to find something that complements your style and fits in with the rest of your wedding theme. There are so many types of bridal wedding jewellery available that it might be challenging to know where to start. Whether browsing online or visiting a physical store, here is our ultimate guide to choosing wedding jewellery for women.

What Wedding Jewellery should I buy?

First, you need to understand your different options when choosing Indian wedding jewellery. The most popular types of bridal wedding jewellery include the following:

  • Bridal necklace: Bridal necklaces are designed to be a focal point of any outfit. They are usually quite long and can be made from various materials, including crystals, pearls, and diamonds. A bridal necklace can be paired with a wedding ring for a complete bridal set.
  • Bridal earrings: Match your earring to the color of your necklace to add beauty to your overall look. They are often shorter and made from a more lightweight material, such as crystals or pearls.
  • Bridal bracelet: Bridal bangles mostly wear in Indian weddings and they can be made from various materials, including leather, crystal, and pearls.
  • Bridal rings: Wedding rings are the most important piece of jewellery at your wedding. You’ll wear this ring every day for the rest of your life, so it’s important to find something you love.
  • Maang Tikka: A maang tikka is a piece of jewellery worn by Indian women on their foreheads. Maang tikkas are traditionally worn by brides, but they can be worn by women of all ages as well.
  • Anklets: An anklet, also known as an ankle chain, ankle bracelet, or ankle string, is a type of ankle ornament that is worn around the ankle.

Decide on a style while choosing Bridal Jewellery

Once you’ve decided on the type of bridal jewelry you’d like, it’s time to look at the different styles. It’s important to choose something that matches your personality and complements your wedding theme.

  • Timeless jewellery is the perfect choice for those who want something classic and elegant. They are often made from materials like gold, silver, and diamonds.
  •  Classic: Classic pieces will match almost any wedding theme. They usually feature symbols or designs that have been used throughout history.
  • Romantic– Romantic pieces will be great for a more vintage-themed wedding. You can find pieces designed to look like they are from another era.
  • Modern– Modern pieces are the perfect choice for those who want something that stands out from the crowd. They can be made from a variety of different materials.
  • Extravagant jewelry pieces are perfect for brides who want to make a bold statement. They are often made from various materials, such as diamonds and crystals.
choosing wedding jewelry guide

Tips for choosing the perfect Bridal Jewellery:

Look for quality – I will always advise you to purchase high-quality jewelry. We always buy the best wedding dresses, but when it comes to jewelry, we end up looking up at our pockets and compromising quality.

The color of your outfit and jewelry – The color of your outfit will always complement your jewelry.

Understand your neckline – Choose your necklace accordingly to your neckline

Think about the type of ring that you want – Do you want a ring with stones? Do you want a plain band? Do you want to mix and match? There are many different materials that you can choose from when it comes to wedding rings.

Spend some time looking at different styles – You should narrow your search before visiting a jewelry store so you don’t waste too much time.

Consider your partner’s style – When choosing jewelry, you should also consider your partner’s style. If you don’t know your partner’s style, you can ask them or look through their old jewelry.


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