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Fun with Sun; Welcoming Summers The Sebamed Way…

As the summer vacation is hovering over our heads, the route to make little ones busy is the ‘TOP MOST‘ priority in Mommy Land. Summer camps, vacations, outdoors is something kids wait for the whole year after been bribed by parents endless times, one cannot deny the “Fun of being in Sun“, however thinking of harmful rays and tanning multiply my worries manifolds.

As a mother I want something that could allow my kid to be free from all worries and play endlessly in the Sun or Water. Skin allergies, rashes and sun burns are my focal concerns during outdoor games, we cannot deny kids from going outside as this is their age to enjoy, observe and learn. Usually the sun lotions I have seen or bought for my daughter, they promise to protect her from harmful UVA/UVB rays and tanning but they are fully loaded with chemicals.

All my worries regarding the same are put to rest by a brand which does not need any introduction in child care…    



Yes, I am talking about Sebamed it is world’s leading skin care expert from Germany with more than 50 years of rich experience. Sebamed is the brand of choice in more than 85 countries worldwide. It’s range of products provides the unique advantage of pH 5.5 which preserves your skin the way it’s meant to be, preserving all the natural senses within.

  • The products are not tested on animals and all Sebamed range of products are dermatologically tested.
  • Sebamed products are 100% free from soap /alkali /harsh chemicals /alcohol.
  • The products are hypo-allergic as compared to other conventional products.
  • They are ideal for all skin types including sensitive and problematic skin.
  • Only Sebamed products have a pH value of 5.5 which decides on the parameters of your health skin combinations.

Product Launch & Event

I am one of those fortunate #MomBloggers who witnessed the launch of Sebamed‘s Sun Lotion pH 5.5 ideal for healthy skin under baby care category on 19th March 2017, at the Bombay Presidency Radio Club Ltd., Colaba. Mumbai, India. When you have mothers along with their tiny tots, fun is never outreached.

Baby Product Range from Sebamed

The marketing team from Sebamed  thoroughly explained about the basic ingredients of the Baby Sun Lotion with live demonstrations and power-point presentation along with fun-at-work for kids. 

Live demonstration with Sun Lotion application

Their way with the kids, talk large about brand’s Ethos with the child care and their passion to make child friendly environment. As the product is FOR kids, hence it was unveiled by the kids themselves…. Oh! What Fun 😉

Kids unveiling the Baby Sun Lotion SPF 50+ pH5.5

With this stupendous gathering of mommy bloggers and media team, Sebamed set a record in the prestigious India Book of Records by bringing in children below the age of 6 years and their talented mothers to perform YOGA under the scorching heat of mid noon, with skin well equipped by the child friendly arsenal of Sun Lotion SPF 50+

Team Sebamed accepting Certification from India Book of Records representative.

Isn’t this worth celebrating…. how well they managed the babies, intellectual mommies and the record setting all in one go!! Commendable Job.

Yoge session in progress

Head held high and hopes soaring to touch the sky, team Sebamed still has stars in their treasure trove to brighten the show…. Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Trichologist.. all-in-one the multi talented and (most beautiful doctor I have ever seen) Dr. Simple Aher. She explained in details the need of applying Sun Lotion and why it is a MUST for all children as well as adults. Her projections spoke a lot about her trust in Sebamed brand and the entire product range.

I am a Sebamed Sun-Proof baby

As children were the special guests of the event hence, they not only had astounding time off from daily routine but also had a truck load of activities like dancing, playing, quizzing, Yoga, along with gifts and prizes to won.

These are my cool dance moves mother; how about your flaunt some too“…

With Lots of stylish selfies and Certificate of Participation for history in making by creating the record in Indian Book of Records, the event turns out to be a big boon for me as a mother. I learned about the benefits of Sebamed Baby Sun Lotion with pH5.5 SPF 50+, and also get to meet some amazing Mother Bloggers from the city.

Ruchi Verma from & Snehlata Jain

With this amazing Baby Sun Lotion I am rest assured of my kid’s skin care… what about you?

That’s mine mommy…

Sun Protected Mom-Daughter by #Sebamed

I am #WelcomingSummer with #Sebamed in style, are you??

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  1. Nice and wonderful post !!!

  2. Love the well written and detailed post, Dipika, and your pics. Mom is lovely and the daughter is adorable 🙂
    I use Sebamed products too and they are wonderful.

    1. Wuhuu…. thanks a lot Mayuri for such lovely praises… blush blush.. lots of love n hugs to you ??
      Yes Sebamed a super brand… thanks for your love

  3. Hi can you please suggest any platform which offers campaigns and events to attend to bloggers. It would be a great help. Thank you

  4. Sebamed is a trusted brand that offers good and safe products for kids. The sunblock is necessary for kids too

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