Easy Life With Bosch Dishwasher

Easy Life With Dishwashers

Life gets really Easy when you have Bosch Dishwasher as your trusted partner!

I am a full time mummy, a freelance lecturer for Post Graduate Management Course and a BLOGGER. Oh!! Did I mention a wife too 😉 yes while playing all these roles simultaneously (not a big deal, scores of ladies are beautifully doing this) I hardly get time for myself and my passion of Blogging. When I was approached by Blogadda to attend a demo of a dishwasher my interest level piqued up. Dishwasher = less work, Less work = more time, more time = better posts. WOW…. I agreed by raising both my hands (though on phone) within few minutes I got all the details about the venue and the BRAND!! Bosch Home Appliance India, who doesn’t know Bosch an epitome when it comes to innovation and technology!

life is easy with dishwasher

We are a foodie family and when you love your food this much so brings the dirty dishes and messy kitchen. With the piled up workload and squeezed time space, hiring help is the only option you are left with. But when your most loved crockery plate or cup gets wasted by a mere slip you feel the urge of banging your head on the wall. Dishwasher is the God’s answer to all my pleas…. or shall I thank Bosch 😉

This dishwasher is made for the Indian market – when I say Indian Market that means all our kadhais and deep woks, frying pans, sauce pans along with dinner plates and of course cutlery. When I read an option of ‘Intensive Kadhai” I whacked myself in brain for not giggling loud!! I mean Germans have got so much Desi Flavour adapted to now… lol

life is easy with dishwasher

As you can see the dishwasher is quite big in size and has double racks when it comes to hearty cleaning for a family. Nuclear families worry not…. it has much more in store for people like us; Its HalfLoad, QuickWash & Pre Rinse is here to keep the dirty dishes off our kitchen top.

Features Bosch Freestanding dishwasher

  • 12 place setting, choice of colour as you can see in the picture here White & Silver inox colour to suit your taste.
  • Speedier dishwashers reduce upto 60% of water cycle time.
  • Additional top shower for even water circulation and better cleaning.
  • AquaSensor & LoadSensor
life is easy with dishwasher

Programmes Bosch DISHWASHER

  • 6 programmes – Intensive Kadhai 70 degree celsius (my favourite), Auto, Express Sparkle, Economy, Quick Wash and Pre rinse.
  • 3 wash options – Half load, Extra Dry, VarioEco

Safety bosch Dishwasher

  • Vario Basket System
  • Descriptive printing on the dishwasher door for easy reading
  • Time Display – Clear and readable
  • Childproof door lock (I love it)
  • Single water protection 24 hrs

Just not this the Bosch Dishwasher comes with amazing 10 years warranty against rust-through* on inner tub and 2 years full warranty on the Dishwasher itself. Did I mention it produces just nil sound Noise level – 52dB so now no more heart skipping jerks on ‘bai dheere se please’… And yes it uses natural resources like water & energy very economically.

life is easy with dishwasher

With this wholesome product life really gets easier and you save time to be utilized and much productive works. Easy Handling, Easy servicing, Best customer support, and best of all Trust of BOSCH. So, without thinking twice make your life easier and wise 😉

Call on 1-800-266-1800 (toll free) Monday – Saturday – 08:00 am to 08:00 pm.

‘I am blogging about my #EasyLifeWithDishwashers experience at BlogAdda in association with Bosch.’

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