8 Extraordinary Benefits of Vitamin C for the Skin


Vitamin C is considered the holy grail for all things related to skin, hence today we will learn about the benefits of Vitamin C for skin. Ascorbic acid which is widely known as Vitamin C is fully loaded with antioxidants that helps to make your skin radiant and more youthful. Mainly ascorbic acid ensures to help in the destruction of free radicals and also improves the repairing process of tissue. It is suggested to consume or apply for healthy skin and to enhance your skin glow.

You can get ascorbic acid naturally from fruits and vegetables. However, Vitamin C is not only used for skin glow and skin health, it is widely used in the manufacturing of cosmetic products. According to the research, it was concluded that whether it is a matter of healthy skin or glowing skin then topical Vitamin C is considered to be more effective than consumption. You can add ascorbic acid to your diet or skincare routine as it will brighten the complexion of your skin tone and also prevent your skin from sun exposure and harmful free radicals. This property is used in the making of face cleansers, serums, oils, and moisturizers.

How does Vitamin C work on your skin?

With the help of Vitamin C, you can enhance your skin health. It is normally present in the skin layers which are called as dermis and epidermis. In the skin, these nutrients are transported from the bloodstream to do the functions. Many unavoidable factors like aging, pollution, and exposure to UV rays can lower the availability of Vitamins from your epidermis. So how much vitamin c per day is recommended? In that case, it is recommended to intake Vitamin C which is efficient for the skin.

Do you know the daily recommendation of Vitamin C for your healthy body and skin? The recommended dose of Vitamin C for men is around 90 mg/day while for women, it is 75 mg/day.

The benefits of Vitamin for skin are much more than their antioxidant properties and it is highly acidic to work effectively in the process of skin healing. Whenever people apply it either topically or by consuming, it works instantly to heal your wound through the process of production of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are two important protein fibers for your body that allow the regeneration of skin cells and tissues. It also makes your skin firm and tight to make you look much younger. The best thing about collagen is that it also helps to delay the process of aging and protect your skin from dark pigmentation.

Health Benefits of Vitamin C:

There is no hidden fact that the benefits of Vitamins for skin especially Vitamin C are key to skin health and it also provides numerous health benefits. Here we will talk about some great benefits of Vitamin C specifically for your skin.

Helps to lighten the dark spots

Skin care products which are mainly based on Vitamin C are committed to lightening the patches on your skin that are darker than your other skin. Dark patches present on your skin are called hyperpigmentation, your skin’s color is produced by a pigment called melanin. Hyperpigmentation is typically not hazardous, but for aesthetic reasons, topical vitamin C administration can lighten the dark patches.

Most skins with patches look full and for that, it is advisable to use Vitamin C-rich skin care products. According to the latest update or research, it was found that Vitamin C when on the skin for around sixteen weeks can cut down the patches of dark spots significantly. However many other experts say it may take more research to confirm. Research is still going on but the fact about ascorbic acid that it works effectively on your skin is verified.

Assists in reducing inflammation

A strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, vitamin C helps to lessen the symptoms of inflammation including rash, redness, and irritation. In many skin disorders, including psoriasis and acne, topical vitamin C reduces inflammation.

Eliminate wrinkles and fine lines

Nowadays many people are suffering from skin problems. Many people are having problems like wrinkles and fine lines. When your skin begins to age and develop wrinkles, it is upsetting. By promoting collagen synthesis in your body, vitamin C does a wonderful job of preventing and reducing these undesirable indications. According to two studies, consuming more vitamin C was linked to having healthy skin, and topical vitamin C application for 12 weeks has been demonstrated to reduce skin wrinkles, smoothen skin, and boost collagen formation.

Prevent your skin from sun exposure

We all know how exposure to the sun leads to skin tanning. If your skin is prolonged to sun exposure then it will affect your skin. You may have to deal with horrible skin problems like skin tanning, rough skin, redness of your skin, and many others. If you prefer to make a topical application of ascorbic acid then it will work as an antioxidant and will prevent UV rays. It will be more beneficial if you combine Vitamin C and Vitamin E as it will prevent your skin from sun damage.

benefits of vitamin c

Enhances Healing

Wounds can heal more quickly with the aid of vitamin C. You might apply it topically, take supplements, or increase the number of nutrients in your diet. All aid in the healing of open wounds, especially in those who do not currently receive enough of the substance. The vitamin aids in the body’s production of collagen, which is essential for healing this kind of injury.

Lessons Scars

In one study, vitamin C gel administered topically reduced the visibility of surgical scars. In the 80-person experiment, half of the participants applied the silicon gel packed with vitamins to their wounds every day for six months after their stitches were removed. Compared to those of the individuals who had not taken the product, their scars were less obvious thereafter.

Keep your skin hydrated

The high intake of Vitamin C can help your skin to decrease dryness and ensure to offer great moisture. Ascorbic acid can retain water in your skin and make sure to prevent it from becoming dehydrated or oily.

Boost the level of Collagen

Collagen is the most important protein which is present in your skin naturally. Collagen helps your skin to keep it from sagging. When people age, the level of collagen and its production decreases or slows down. For that, it is important to intake or apply to maintain the production of collagen. The benefits of Vitamin C encourage your skin to grow collagen and help to maintain the collagen that you have. Overall collagen helps to protect the previous protein from damage.


Numerous substances, including antioxidants, are present in vitamin C. There is no assurance that vitamin C will get to the skin even though you are getting it from your diet. You must topically apply it for improved skin outcomes. The market offers a variety of choices, including creams, lotions, serums, and moisturizers that include vitamin C. But since serum has a lighter composition than moisturizer and is more easily absorbed by the skin, many dermatologists recommend using it for the best skincare results. Additionally, before going outside, remember to use sunscreen with vitamin C.


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