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A long weekend, heavy rains and not much activities to do at home too! Brings a sad face 🙁 to my little one. She’s 5 and very active; her energy level takes a good time at play. For long weekend mom has to plan in advance to remain sane, keep the naughty one engaged.

Then a friend recommended KIDZANIA, a little help from the internet and we were sorted. A hustling bustling place for kids, starting from toddlers to grown-up kids. This is a place to engage kids in various activities and make the learning come true.

activities kidzania

About KIDZANIA – fun & learn activities indoor theme park

Kidzania is an active and well-planned city for Kids, built in the area as big as 6 Olympic swimming pools. Properly marked directions and paved roads with traffic lights and road safety rules. Battery operated vehicles like Ambulances, Fire-Fighting engines, Hospitals, Police Station, Fire Station. Kidzania has a whole city set up for Kids which is SAFE, Secured and a brilliantly conceptualized.


Imagine the content smile when your kid paints a wall in Architecture’s Zone and learn the art on job. Or when they learn how to kill a pretend fire using hose & water. It’s an interactive place for Kids as well as their parents.

Easy Learning with On the JOB activities & Role-Play

Child’s brain picks up well from visual aids, and when the same knowledge comes from role-plays! That learning leaves a mark for the lifetime. My little one has many times a change of heart when she comes up with – ‘what I want to become?‘. In Kidzania one of my favorites were the role-playing activities. She went and tried her hands in Fire-fighting, Doughnuts making, Fruit Juice making, Hospitality, Pizzeria, Self-care and much more.

Learning is fun when you add the dash of creativity into it.



The best is they make kids understand about the economy. Exchange of Money, Oh YES Kidzania has its money – kidZos. Which you have to earn by working for different activities. Also learning how to spend on the paid services 😉 and a few barter too.


Many activities under one roof – Safety Measures

When my friend mentioned this is an indoor activity oriented theme park, my first point was is it safe? As a mother, child’s safety is our MOST important concern. However, all my questions were laid to rest when I visited with my kid last weekend. They have the best technology and human interface to create a SAFE environment for kids.



image – kidzania

Straight from the entrance, you will see a Controlled Access. Well trained and qualified staff deployed at the entrance and exit. No unauthorized person is allowed inside vicinity.

Temperature Control – kids indoor activities 

Indoor temperature is controlled with best quality air monitoring and filtration systems. At Kidzania Child-safety measures are integrated with the highest global standards. Child and accompanying adults receive SECURITY BRACELETS to wear on their wrists. These bracelets with a UHF & a VHF radio frequency antenna are mapped to a high-end software. Using this feature, the child’s bracelet is linked to the adult’s, to ensure they know the child’s whereabouts.


Parents connected with RFID bracelet can track and locate kid indoor. They can also drop messages for kids. As an additional feature can even ensure the child cannot exit vicinity without being matched to their bracelet.

SAFETY & SECURITY measures – indoor activity theme park

Staff – floor staff & supervisors a child-friendly, always smiling, and very helpful. “Do Not Touch” policy, First-Aid training, Fire safety training, Emergency evacuation training. Also, the entire facility is monitored by CCTV cameras.

As a mother, I am satisfied with my experience and visit at KIDZANIA. It is a highly recommended place to take your child for fun, learn and enjoy day. The Safety & Security of patrons is Kidzania’s is standard all across Country. Whether it’s Mumbai or Delhi NCR, child’s safety and care is the main criteria and concern for them. I would love to visit it again with my precious little one.

© Dipika Singh (gleefulblogger)

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  1. Anita Singh says:

    Ye hui na baat, aisi jagah har city me hona chaiye, bacche outing me hi fun aur knowledge bhi seekh rahy hain , security system bhi kitna accha hai 👌👌

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