Secret Crush – Part 3


Vikram was on the phone by the lawn when Natasha entered, he turned to give his signature comforting smile. He was looking a little frail, thanks to the ever-demanding work. He works way too much, hardly taking any time off for himself, er… he takes time off for you she corrected herself in the head.

But she always wanted more! Vikram finished his phone call and pulled Natasha into his arms. This is her place, in his arms, taking his scent in, it comforts her anxious heart. With his finger, he drew her chin up to plant a welcoming kiss. It was a sweet surprise he seems to be in a good mood today. Her eyes lit up when his kiss deepened and he pulled her body close to him. Feeling his eagerness and hunger for her was delightful.

She can’t recall when was the last time, he welcomed her like this, it was propitious. Breathless she looks up with her long lashes, Vikram’s charm still makes her wanton. ‘Hope you have rested well, love!’ he questioned.

‘Very well, yes!’, Natasha replied softly.

‘Good, I doubt if you are getting any sleep tonight,’ he replied back with a glint of mischief in his eyes.

Giving back a reassuring smile, she started walking towards the kitchen to instruct her staff for a quick supper. She should have known Vikram has agendas when he is in the right mood, but she yearns for their time together. ‘Your favourite wine from the French countryside, love’, he beamed with pride while toasting the wine goblet to her over dinner.

She acknowledged with her poised smile and a sweet nod, Vikram got up from his chair to wrap his arms around her waist, embracing her he motioned towards the bedroom. Well aware of what conspires next, she moved swiftly towards the room with him. Closing the doors behind them, she drew the curtains.

His eyes were gleaming dark with carnal desire, which she was only contented to satisfy. This keeps them bound together and she knows it well. He too has accepted her limits and never pushes beyond. Her beautiful seductive body brings peace to him, and he is more than happy to be bound to her in this relationship.

A little later, Natasha’s body convulses back, ‘Sweet Natz, you have been wonderful as always, thank you, my dear girl,’ he said while getting up from the bed for a light. She covered herself with the satin night robe and excused herself in the bathroom. Looking at her fair pale face in the large mirror she nurses her sore body. It doesn’t pain anymore she is used to his thrusts – it’s the gloomy face looking back at her in the mirror that scares her. She is forgetting herself completely in this debauched relationship.

Sleep had bid adieu long ago while her mind was wandering and overthinking. She lies immobile next to Vikram and remembers their first time. She was so naïve and set to dive deep into darkness if he hadn’t saved her from the hungry jackals. He was considerate, unpretentious, and true to his words. Saving her from the clutches of those vultures, he gave her a respectable life, a career, independence, and … money. True, that she wanted more, but knows her boundaries.

Vikram was in a deep tranquil sleep, he is a shrewd businessman minus any remorse about his decisions, including the one he made around 25-odd years ago. He has been a truthful partner and she knows it, despite the hectic work travel and his family. They never talk about them, it’s a hard limit for Vikram and for their status quo. A set limit. Period.

A falter thought crossed her mind, Would she be happier with anyone other than Vikram?

Aman received the post he was awaiting eagerly for some months now, his candidature has been accepted at the University of Chicago for the Master’s Program. He doesn’t have to do this futile job anymore, no more celebrity tantrums and Paparazzi nonsense. An abrupt loss pinched through his happiness, ‘How will I get to see her now?’ he wondered.

He can’t fathom forgetting her stunning face, slender figure, feminine composure, her elegance, he has never seen a lady like her before. Scores of girls approached him during college and at work, but he found them green, immature, and girlish.

His friends often tried to fix him with a girl, but he wouldn’t meet anyone a second time. They called him names, imp, gay, and whatnot, no one ever crossed his heart, except Ms. Sahni. What’s her full name, he thought –

Miss Natasha Sahni, age 46 years, City of residence – New Delhi, frequently travels to Dubai, Heathrow, and Frankfurt, Occupation – celebrity designer studio, Status – single, Celebrity status – High.


He makes a mental note to fetch her communication number from the system secretly before he leaves for good.

Join me tomorrow to know, what happens next in the story. To read the previous part, please click here.

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