It’s same as common cold, but just stays for 5 days!!

Shantini was in the middle of her phone conversation when she saw her 13 years old daughter Sumedha playfully fiddling with a tampons packet. The same packet store waala has just delivered very promptly by wrapping it first in a newspaper and then in a brown bag (as if its a weapon of mass destruction being smuggled through a border to destruct peace & harmony of a nation). Shantini took that WMD from Sumedha’s hands and hid it under her Saree’s aanchal to take it inside the confides of her room. Stunned by her mom’s reactions Sumedha asked her granny “Dadi uss packet kya tha???”….. “huh…Teri mummy ki davai”, her grandmother replied without blinking a single eye from her favourite daily sop. By now this little brain is racing at the speed of a F1 sports car engine…. quipped with extreme concern she went to Shantini’s room, with teary eyes she asked: “mumma aapko kya hua hai; why do you need such big medicine“…. nothing beta; let me go to kitchen it is dadi’s dinner time, we will talk later. Answered Shantini.

With a whirlpool of questions inside her brain and concern Sumedha went to bed….but her curiosity is still restless. In the morning she asked her father; “Papa what is wrong with mom, why is she taking so big medicine please tell me I love mom so much“. Riteish could not understand these questions hence looked for help towards Shantini; she came forward and told Sumedha – nothing is wrong with me beta, I am all right. We will talk about this later when you come bacl from school…..TRUST ME!

Shantini looked at her little daughter- who’s eagerly finishing her cereal to catch up the school bus, and thought how she’s grown so fast, it was like just yesterday when she did home pregnancy test and slowly, shyly, swiftly two lines confirmed her happiness. How she went to labour and got her own bundle of joy wrapped in pink happiness. How she became her life’s most precious gift, her each milestone – her first word, her first tooth, her first step, her first school, her first achievement, her first girly fight and many such firsts…. now she has to prepare Sumedha for her first PERIOD.

She finished up her daily chores and sat with computer to search the expert advise on:

How to explain a teenager girl about her very first menstrual cycle – expert opinion only

After checking out few from many results shown she was unable to decipher the depth of information to be provided. Some write ups talk about intense explanation of Uterus and Egg, where as some only talks about the harmonal changes. Taking cue from internet she made a mental plan of what all to explain to her daughter. During their evening walk around the society garden Shantini said:

Beta, you are 13 yrs of age now…you are my princess and dad’s little gudiya but our bodies grow with time. See you have already come as tall as me…. Sumedha felt so proud of the fact that she’s going to be as big and smart as her mother.

Shantini added further: When we grow many new things happen inside our body, girls get fuller body….ummm… very soon you will notice change in your chest. And you will also get blood from your private part, which is absolutely normal (even mumma gets it); it’s a sigh that we are healthy and you enter a new process of life cycle… every month your body release some harmones inside your female parts, due to which you will beeld. Don’t forget it’s a healthy sign!!! 

Sumedha: Mumma will it be painfull?

Shantini: Not that you can’t handle and your mumma, dadi, dad are always there to help you sweetheart. 

Sumedha: Dad too…… 

Shantini: Yes of course, how he takes care of you when you get temperature or cold. Just in 5 days you will be back in your regural routine. You can do all your regular activities, except only those which make you feel exhausted. You have to take care of your personal hygiene during these days, and I will explain you how to use Sanitary Napkins/Pads to keep you dry and clothes clean. You might get dull or feel low on energy, but that’s how our big bodies recharge itself every month. 

From now on, we will be the best friends forever…. you will share all your worries and doubts with me and i will do the same.

Relived from all her doubts, Sumedha hugged her mother and said….Mumma I love you. Shantini smiled and said you are my special princess, don’t get troubled from any unnecessary talks about this new change called “Menstruation” whenever you have doubts talk to me. Your mom is always here to help you out……. and always remember….Bleeding is a healthy sign.

Writer’s thought: As per me it’s upto us (mothers) how to make this transformation occur happily and without any confusion. It’s always good to explain or give information to our girls before the occurrence of first Period, as young minds get confused with too much information or unreliable sources.

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Disclaimer: this blogpost is written for MyCity4Kids Mumbai Chapter.

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