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Nutri-Blend: A 20 Second Wonder

Wonderchef – Cook with Pride “Kitchen is the place where family comes Together”  Cooking is LOVE, it’s a stress-buster for me when I tune in to my favourite numbers from late 90’s jazz or romance and stir some magic in kitchen. Cooking with passion, happiness brings out enhanced taste even from the simplest or humblest of …

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Easy Life With Dishwashers
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Easy Life With Bosch Dishwasher

Life gets really Easy when you have Bosch Dishwasher as your trusted partner! I am a full time mummy, a freelance lecturer for Post Graduate Management Course and a BLOGGER. Oh!! Did I mention a wife too 😉 yes while playing all these roles simultaneously (not a big deal, scores of ladies are beautifully doing …

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mamaearth product review

Mama’s Call for MamaEarth – Product Review

MamaEarth Care for Moms mamaearth products are everywhere buzzing around on the social media, chat groups, Facebook nooks almost everyone is talking or writing about these amazing products. This really got me curious to know what is it all about. I got in touch with few fellow bloggers (read friends) who connected me to Ghazal (the …

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Blogger’s Meet #BestForBaby by BabyChakra & Johnson’s Baby

Whatever is BEST FOR BABY is definitely BEST FOR MUMMA What do you call the care which is almost 120+ years old?  Yes, the love & care which has been with us since more than 120 years! The name which is so generic that it’s – ‘feel and fragrance brings nostalgia’… I call it   which …

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Dove Baby Lotion – Mom’s Review

Disclaimer: the story and product mentioned are true to writer’s intentions. Product’s results may wary from person to person. User discretion is recommended. Before I began with the official work of reviewing the Product of the Day, let me mention an incident occurred around 1.5 years back. One fine day my daughter who was hardly …

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Toning Mist with Rose by Soultree – Product Review

Do you want skin which is soft supple and without any radicals? Night or Day creams ritual is too taxing for you? If yes, then this is the right skin care product for you. Our skin braves a lot throughout the day, oil (sebum) pollution and dirt/ grime. Cleansers remove the outer layer of pollutants, …

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5 Small Joys I am Thankful For…

” Joy is the simplest form of Gratitude“ – Karl Barth I truly believe in this statement, when you feel the “JOY” you know up there someone has played their cards well and be thankful (feel the gratitude) that you have been blessed by this feeling of happiness/joy. Running behind unseen goals and continuous urge to …

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Fun with Sun; Welcoming Summers The Sebamed Way…

As the summer vacation is hovering over our heads, the route to make little ones busy is the ‘TOP MOST‘ priority in Mommy Land. Summer camps, vacations, outdoors is something kids wait for the whole year after been bribed by parents endless times, one cannot deny the “Fun of being in Sun“, however thinking of …

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5 Beauty Products I am ‘Utterly Butterly’ in Love with…

When it comes to picking up the Beauty Products aka cosmetics….. I get real greedy! Just can’t stop myself with one, specially if that one product is “the mighty LIPSTICK“!!! Being a true Leo to my traits, I love BOLD; My man calls me that’s your second name…. however, when it comes to make-up I …

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Book Love for your little one: Oh My Name! 

Books!! Reading helps me keep my mind off to outside commotion, the best de-stressing & captivating exercise after a hectic day of running around unseen goals. I do not need any special space or time to start my affair with a book… either a cozy corner or while cummuting my handbag essential is a Book. …

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#ColgateMagicalStories: Mission To Save the Space

When I first read about the Colgate Magical Stories weave a story challenge through BlogAdda it was like taking a route down memory lane, when my mother taught me about the whole universe & how it’s up there above our heads and we are part of this huge unknown vastness of Galaxy, Milky-ways, Planets, etc. My …

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Five Valentine’s Day Ideas For You & Your Partner

It’s the season of LOVE, February brings along romance and new hopes to rekindle your love. Call back that spark, that much needed spice which we often leave behind running errands for life & reasons! It is the best time of year to fill yourself up with the energy, aspirations, desires, vitality and Valentine’s Day …

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My Uber Luxurious Stay in GOA at Vivanta by Taj Hotels

Couple of years back I secretly promised to Santa, that if he grants me a nice, long, relaxing holiday on a beach….. I will be nice to my husband till next Christmas!!! Santa liked my earnest wish, and promptly gave me a holiday in GO GO GOAAAAAA…… Almost 730 days after our marriage we went …

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