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millennial understanding mindset

Understanding Millennial Mindset – Future Moderators

Understanding the Millennial Mindset – Future Moderators Millennials – the generation you and I belong to! The generation which has seen time turning; which has seen evolution up close. We have witnessed a leap in the field of technology to retail space, from manual to electronic advantages. That 34% of the population in India which falls …

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Amway Nutrilite Indian Traditional Herbs – Best of Nature

Amway Nutrilite Indian Traditional Herbs New Range – more Purer, Safer and Potent. In childhood days, whenever cold or flu caught up with me; Granny would direct Mom to prepare ‘Kadha’. A strong bitter concoction of traditional herbs and spices. Simple household names like Tulsi, Ginger, Cardamom, Cloves, Pepper pods etc. I disliked the taste …

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hearing implants
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Why live Silently when you have Right to Hear

Why live Silently when you have Right to Hear When you learn that your own child has hearing loss, the world starts shattering around you. As parents, we have a nerve-racking responsibility of thinking about our child’s future and better prospects. We worry about their abilities to lead a regular life or are in a …

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Thyroweight – Know Your Thyroid Well!

Thyroid Disorder – Know it well ‘Thyroweight’ I recall that summer very well, scorching hot sun blazing over our heads and we were waiting frantically for some cooler. It was the same time when my class friend’s mother asked me why my neck looks swollen? Ignoring her inquisitive eyes, I went on with life and …

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Food, Lost Recipes & Happy Hands – Home Chef Matters 2.0

Food tastes best when made with love & care, keeping it original & fresh. A platform specially crafted for home chef’s like you and me, to get the insights from the masters themselves. A seminar to understand food from the heart. #HomeChefMatters 2.0  – An all-day conference for Home Chefs. As a super foodie I am …

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A Thief’s Mind Unraveled – How Safe Are You?

Being safe or keeping the loved one’s safe is our utmost priority. But do you really feel safe? Inside your own Home? Keeping the Home Safe – #HowSafeAreYou Undoubtedly what comes on top priority for each one of us is – Keep family safe. The measures we undertake –  a safe & habitable vicinity, secured …

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krazy kids karnival

Krazy Kids Karnival – Mumbai’s Gala Event

Krazy Kids Karnival – if you are following my posts and social media updates; you know what I am referring to 😉 Mumbai witnessed one of the most spectacular kid’s event last weekend – KKK (Krazy Kids Karnival). 4th & 5th November 2017, was a date my daughter and many kids have been eagerly waiting …

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Pampers Pants – Magic of 3 Technology Diapers

Pampers doesn’t need any introduction in mommy-land. This has been mine and many mother’s like me – by default first choice. If diaper is the need; then this is the generic solution to it. Over the years, pamper-diapers not just evolved on technology front but also have cultivated trust in our hearts.   One such …

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nutriblend wonderchef
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Nutri-Blend: A 20 Second Wonder

Wonderchef – Cook with Pride “Kitchen is the place where family comes Together”  Cooking is LOVE, it’s a stress-buster for me when I tune in to my favourite numbers from late 90’s jazz or romance and stir some magic in kitchen. Cooking with passion, happiness brings out enhanced taste even from the simplest or humblest of …

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haiircare bblunt
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Happy Hair Days – Busting Myths #BBlunt

Good Hair Days Make Me Feel Like I Can Rule The World Isn’t this what every lady out there truly wishes for – Happy, Healthy Hair!!  BBlunt is the answer to all your worries. Yes… none other than Adhuna Bhabani herself busted myths associated with Hair Colouring over an interactive workshop organised in association with …

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Blogger’s Meet #BestForBaby by BabyChakra & Johnson’s Baby

Whatever is BEST FOR BABY is definitely BEST FOR MUMMA What do you call the care which is almost 120+ years old?  Yes, the love & care which has been with us since more than 120 years! The name which is so generic that it’s – ‘feel and fragrance brings nostalgia’… I call it   which …

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Fun with Sun; Welcoming Summers The Sebamed Way…

As the summer vacation is hovering over our heads, the route to make little ones busy is the ‘TOP MOST‘ priority in Mommy Land. Summer camps, vacations, outdoors is something kids wait for the whole year after been bribed by parents endless times, one cannot deny the “Fun of being in Sun“, however thinking of …

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