Birthday Parties are the most loved and special occasion for kids and parents alike. A lot of planning, scheduling, and handling goes into organizing even a small birthday bash for your child. Children wait a whole year to celebrate their birthday in style. From venue to food, dress to the theme, we keep a close watch on each and every aspect of Kid’s Birthday Party. However, there is one area which we take for granted – Return Gifts.

Children love gifts, everyone love gifts, or let’s put it this way – Who doesn’t love gifts? We all do, isn’t it! But, when it comes to the returning gifts we habitually stick to same cliché choices. Return Gifts are the most ‘important’ part of organizing a Birthday Party and should be taken very seriously. A good and thoughtful Return Gift imprints a happy memory for children. Also, the return gifts should be planned as per age and utility aspect. There was a time when I had a pile of tiffin boxes and water bottles as return gifts. I had to give away most of those, used some as fridge containers and few are packed to be used later.

Planning a Birthday Party

Return gifts for kids
kids birthday party planner

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Before you plan a birthday party the first thing goes into consideration is – the Budget. Once the budget is decided, next comes the theme, venue, food and return gifts. It takes a lot to throw a good party and considering the time involved parents also go for the birthday party organizers or event organizers. There are different packages event organizers offer depending on your budget and requirements. Starting from the party’s theme to balloons, cake to accessories, special attractions to the food menu, everything is taken care by organizers. Birthday party for kids is complete only when all guests, especially the cute little ones go smiling.

Birthday Return Gift Ideas –

There are various options available in the market for return gifts, but one must think out of the box ideas to bring a difference. Cliche gifts are either stacked or passed on to someone else, think of something that will imprint a memory or bring value to them. Here are a couple of ideas for return gifts for kid’s birthday.

Number Finger Puppets –

Birthday return gifts for kids

Suitable for kids aged four and above, this is one of the most famous games purchased as the return gift and is also very useful. By the age of four, children learn basic addition, subtraction, and this numbered finger puppet game makes mathematics fascinating. Imagine wearing these tiny puppets on your fingers and adding/deducting easy numbers. It is one of the best way to teach kids while having loads of fun.

Stationary Sets –

Seed pencil sprout 
pencil that grows into a plant

The most appealing thing for kids – quirky stationery sets. Nothing appeals kids more than a brand new shiny stationary set. Make sure to use the right kind of materials and products. Recently Kavya received few environment-friendly pencils which contain seeds in the end tip. Once you are done with your pencil, plant the tip downwards in the soil. The seed will sprout into a plant with care. Trust me, kids love gardening.

Alphabet or Number Tracing –

alphabets tracing toys for kids

I highly recommend ‘wooden toys’ for kids aged between 2 – 4 years of age. It helps children in memorizing things using their sensory memory. Learning 26 alphabets becomes so easy when you have fun to learn toys, like the one from Skola Toys. Skola Alphabet Tracing Toy. Also available in upper case or lower-case alphabets.

Colour Learning Toys –

When my daughter was 3, she got this toy as a return gift from one of her friend’s birthday. It made color matching and learning so much fun for us. We matched the shapes and colors just by fitting the right pieces on the right places. Again, a Wooden Toy, to help child learn gripping and fine motor skills.

Puzzle Games –

We all love challenges and popularity of Puzzle games is proof to that love. However, the key is picking the ‘RIGHT’ kind of puzzles based on age and learning criterion on children. Easy wooden block puzzles of Shapes & Sizes are perfect for kids aged 2+. For 3+ kids – puzzles which challenge their mind, like matching the opposites, or Jigsaw puzzles, sequencing are perfect gifts.

Make a Right Choice

Before selecting the Return Gifts, remember that this is the real take from your birthday party. Hence, must have a long-lasting effect. A thoughtful and useful gift is always appreciated. Toys are just not a pretty piece of art and craft, it also has the potential to teach and educate children. Read Learning is Fun with Educational Toys.

So, next time when you are planning a birthday celebration for your child – make a right choice of return gifts for kids birthday.

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  1. Choosing a unique, right and thoughtful return gift that suits the budget is a challenge in itself. Thanks for making the life of celebrating parents much easier with this post Dipika.

    Anagha Yatin
  2. My daughter is gonna be 5 in March and we have to plan her birth day parties. Every year I struggle on what to give as a return gift and end up buying not so interesting thing. I really liked these gift ideas shared by you as these are educational, innovative and class apart for gifting as a return gift.

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