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What do you call a teacher who looks sleazy, foul-mouthed, treat children like furniture? Stoned to her last senses, smokes dope and plans an embezzlement at school for her personal beautification. Bad Teacher! Isn’t it?

Ms. Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) is a middle school teacher in Illinois. A lazy, incompetent school teacher who hates her job, her students, and her colleagues. She is back to teaching to make enough money for the breast enhancement surgery after her rich fiancé dumps her.

A foul-mouthed teacher who plays movies in the classroom to catch up on her sleep. Steals question papers from authorities for her class to win the sponsorship, so that she gets the prize money for surgery. The only goal of her life is to somehow get this surgery done (which costs a bomb) and marry a rich man (her colleague – Justin Timberlake). She pulls various tricks to reach that goal and doesn’t mind playing dirty back at those who try to cut her short.

The journey she embarked on taught life-changing lessons to many along with her. In the end, all fit well and she starts over again with a promising new career ahead of a guidance counselor.

Movies that Inspire – Bad Teacher

I am sure most of us have seen this flick and appreciated the way Cameron Diaz pulled the role of a badass teacher. Her role is that of a sly, lazy, sleazy person but somewhere deep inside she has a righteousness approach about herself.

A person who doesn’t shy away from situations, but gets around and wins (though her actions need not be right always). There were few scenes in the movie where she has taken the side of her students (in her own weird way) but didn’t let them lose hope.

bad teacher flick flings
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Inspire not to hide or run away

The movie is entertaining, funny, weird (as we expect our teachers to be sober and leading a ‘sanyasi’s life’). However, so much relatable! Don’t we all have that wicked wide side too, we all possess right and wrong inside us? Which side overpowers who decides the grey matter sitting on the top.

The thing I love most about Bad Teacher is the belief of the protagonist in herself. She does all wrongs to make one right, which is perfectly fine! Who are we to judge he/she is good or bad. It is the society which marks such rules and judgments. She takes her challengers head-on, and why not! Just because she is a female and a teacher, so should not?

She doesn’t teach her kids to say ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’, but show them the real life which is not at all mushy or comfy. Tells them to go and fight your fears, right on its’ face. Her ways are vague but ideas are appreciable. I prefer movies which are crude but real, instead of larger than life flicks with angelic beauty and dreamy stories. So which is your favorite badass movie? The one which is rough, crude, tardy but delivers the bull’s eye message for all.

My dear friend Ruchie and I have joined hands to bring some interesting flicks from the entertainment world for you all. She has featured Super 30, an upcoming biopic on her blog.

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  2. Movies presents a picture of the society. The question is which side of the society. There is good and
    bad side to everything in our life. The story may have the meat but the presentation matters. Movies need to be entertaining and reality of society are harsh. The paradox. Balancing these two facets is what makes a movie a success.

    Unless the messages are well delivered, merely on entertainment quotient the movie cannot hold on to its ground for long. The characters (like teacher in this movie) are what makes us think the way they behave and express their feelings. We may like or hate a character but if the character does it passionately and aligned with the context of the story that is being told, it is bound to catch the attention of the audiences.

    A nice review and quite an interesting perspective.

  3. Looks like a movie I would love and completely relate to. Don’t we all love those badass women who don’t shy away from a challenge but are anyways good somewhere inside, (though maybe deep inside in this case:).

    Namratha from #firstgreenstep

  4. I simply loved Cameron Diaz in this. Some parts of the movie had me in splits. Wonderful acting as usual from her side. And a great plot too.
    Not the typical overtly-emotional school teacher image that our Bollywood cashes on. This one is more real, as flawed as they can get, and yet so so awesome!
    Thanks for reminding me of it. Brought a smile to my face…

    Priyanka Naik
  5. That definitely seems to be an interesting movie. A realistic character with a lot of negatives is a lot more interesting than a goody-two-shoes person who simply does not fit the bill. Great review. #MyFriendAlexa #JaiSReads

  6. I have not seen the movie. Though i always believe that movies are a depiction of what happens in our society and vice versa. It is actually a cycle. As far as right or wrong goes- in my opinion it is the circumstance that decide your fate and not the event itself. I adore your lucid style of writing. It always brings a smile on my face.

  7. This is a nice review. You have described many aspects of the character played by Cameron Diaz in great detail. What I find difficult is what is wrong is saying thank you or sorry. This does not make a person soft. Even in real world tough people say sorry in a different lingo, but they do. I also found it difficult to understand doing all wrong things to do one thing right. Do you mean cheat in her job to get her breast implant to marry a rich man? The whole objective is funny. But that is my view. You have liked the movie. I am not judging.

    1. Thank you, Mr. Ray, for stopping by. What I have liked about the character is her honesty and the way she carried dismissal from the society to give it back. There is a difference of opinions, and no there is nothing bad in saying ‘sorry’ & ‘thank you’. All I meant by that she showed per pupils the big bad world outside.
      Appreciate your feedback and respect the opinion.

  8. Whoa! How did I miss watching this movie? Looks pretty interesting. There’s definitely a Jekyll and Hyde in each one of us and I’m intrigued to see how she manages to flip sides. Her character seems interesting for any actor. This is going to be my next watch. Nice review!

  9. A bad ass teacher, never thought of! As you rightly said why it shouldnt be? Apart from apparent nasty shades the protagonist has, there is a better side of her that makes the student to see the life as is! Are teachers not supposed to teach this very important lesson of life?
    Hve not watched it, but now will be on look out for it on the movie channels. Thanks Dipika

    Anagha Yatin
  10. Hey Dipika, I loved this movie! I remember it most for the crazy way she swipes the question papers and the comic rivalry between her and the “other” teacher for Justin. Thanks for doing this post, the movie was a riot.

  11. It was a different movie for sure. I saw it long back. But I still don’t remember if it conveyed a good message. It was some horrible fights between her and another teacher, how she tricked her into being sacked or suspended. I didn’t get good vibes or messages from it.

  12. THis really is a fun movie. I really like the way Cameron Diaz played the role of a bad teacher who is in her heart a good person. She has her own way of wining a situation and she does her best to achieve her goal. When I first watched this movie, I went mad laughing. I had a simile teacher in my post grad. Although she was not that bad ass but all the boys of my class were mad about her. #vibhuandme

  13. this happens to be one of my favorite movies. Being a teacher myself, I related a lot to this movie. People often forget that the teachers also have a life outside the classroom and are allowed to be fun loving and wicked.

    Tamanna Shah
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