As Diwali – the Indian Festival of Lights is just around the corner, so is the hustle bustle of getting ready for it. This is the time for festivities, love, togetherness and sharing. With guests arriving and lots of food, fun, frolic the energy around this time is truly contagious.

I’m collaborating with a group of 14 awesome bloggers this year for Diwali. We are giving you some beautiful tips related to food, fashion, decorating your home at a budget and so on. Thank you Varsha, who blogs at A Vibrant Palette for sending over the train to my station. Did you check the beautiful rangoli designs she got for you all in her post. 

My preparations for D day is in full swing, from cleaning the house to de-cluttering the mess. From discarding the unused to refurbishing some good ones. Recycling is always on my mind. Not that I am stingy or something, but trying your hand on creativity adds an essence of pride.

A trip to local market brought so many ideas of decorating the home to look & feel as good as new. Specially, when you have guests arriving for meet-n-greet on Diwali. Sharing with you some budget home décor ideas this Diwali.

Walls – many go for ‘paint the home new’ for Diwali. People have different reasons for it, some do it to get rid of negative energy and few for fresh look. As we got the paint done recently, I don’t feel the need and necessity for it. But then how would I make my walls look alive during the festival? Wall Decals yes! We get many brilliant, beautiful wall stickers (wall decal) in the market as well as online. These can be used to make a dull or gloomy wall look bright as new.

Frames – our love for decorating walls starts with adding dash of personalization. Using photos, portraits or posters. With the help of little DIY tips available on internet you can make brilliant photo-frames all yourself. I refurbish the old ones, using glitters or the craft decorative hacks which are easily available in market. Choose your posters wisely, which can be moved to different areas of house.

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Mirrors – Who doesn’t like them? Market offers many varieties of designer mirrors, for decorative purposes only. A huge mirror in living hall/ room brings brightness and bigger space mirage. If you have one already, just add up to style with some DIY tricks. Using sea shells, ropes, colour crafty materials, etc.

image – pinterest

Rangoli – Diwali or any Indian festival is not complete without ‘rangoli’. An art decoration made outside home to welcome positivity & prosperity. I am not very good with the drawing & designing, hence apply shortcuts. Invested in plastic Rangoli available easily in markets 3 years ago. Every year we re-use the same ☹ BORING!! Huh… worry not, add flowers and some easy to make designs using stencils. Problem solved and heaps of praises for beautiful art 😉

image – pinterest

Hang them all – this is quite an old school idea, but I still love the sound of wind-chimes early in morning. Local markets during festive season offer array of beautiful artifacts. From Rajasthani craft pieces to wing chimes and many more. You can also make your hanging beauties at home using empty bottles. Hang them with LED lights or wax tea candles planted inside. Will give a quirky & chic look to interiors.

image – pinterest

Welcome Surprise – I love the little hanging surprises we see in market these days. Have got couple of these beauties called – ‘toran’ in hindi. This again is used to welcome happiness & prosperity in the home. Look amazing when hang on main entrance. Grand, stylish and beautiful. Available in huge variety local markets are full of these items. Again ‘bargain’ to the best of your ability 😉

Table decor – When we got our center table, it was after so much planning and choosing. Hence, I am not in favour of covering it using cloths or sheets. So how do I protect it from wear-n-tear during gatherings? Use a thing clear clingy sheets and drape it properly on glass. Add the dash of glamour by fixing a floating candle pot or flower decoration on top.

image –

Flowers – adds up to positivity, freshness and calmness in the environment. Get the fresh flowers to decorate the puja area and you can also keep decorative ones. Every year we use flowers to decorate place of worshiping the deity. Post Diwali the same flowers go to indoor plants as their food & nourishment.

image – google

Light, it up Bright – Festival of lights; will have lights lots of it. We use clay diyas to light up the house and outside. That’s tradition, but add up glamour using candles available in market. Last year I made few candles at home using discarded crayons by daughter. Thanks to DIY from Google and little glitter & crafty aids from home. Simple clay diyas are very affordable and easily available. Get those and colour at home using stay on paint. Make sure you give these ample time to dry up, before use.

image – techiewheels

These are few budget ideas to bring spark in your home this Diwali. Hope you like and have great fun with loved ones. Wishing you all a very happy diwali. Taking you to next blogger’s stop who is as beautiful, warm & best in her art. Ruchie Verma from Wigglingpen she wiggles with the latest updates for you from all across facets of life. The most energetic and positive person I have ever met. Her funda of life is ‘learn to share with others’, which is truly commendable.

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  1. Husband ko wall per stickers lagana pasand nahi
    Mujhy wall per flowers ki mala lagana pasand hai, nahi kar paati per flower rangoli, diya ye sab se ghar khub decorate karti hu, ab aapse aur bhi ideas mil gaye 😍😍
    Thanks for sharing dear

    Anita Singh

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