Envy is one such emotion which we all must have felt atleast once in our life. Being Envy doesn’t always qualify you as a villain! But yes, it can put you in a turbulent proposition to either outshine the one you are Envy about or feel sorry for yourself of being envious.
Having said that; is Envy good or bad? Well it all depends on one’s mental abilities and character.

Man of the house has recently bitten by “fitness bug“, and to my astonishment a very serious bug this time. Early morning walks & salads in dinner started flaunting the positive signs. Boasting was never so far then, I was all set to listen over the top brags… still I felt this sudden pang of: What about ME???? I was envious!! Yes, I got envy of his firmed tummy and loosened trousers sizes. But this ‘being envy‘ helped to route out my way to fitness, and today we both are proud of our “mission to fitter soon“.

What if I wouldn’t have lost any weight or started following his way to get healthy? Would I be depressed or insecured? Naaahhh…. I would have simply pushed it off to next month or later sometime.

I remember this incident from my college, when one of my batchmate scored a little lesser grades from her expectations. She was all snobs & tears, I consoled her with ‘try next time, it’s alright even I got almost similar scores‘… well a decent enough approach to save the day. But her emotional circumference was stuck on, “How could he score better then me!! I have better looks & luck, I will ruin him!” These words haunted my many hostel nights; thinking that a person so easy to approach or super friendly can become such venomous due to Jealousy/Envy.

There is a very thin line between being Envy or Hateful, I would still consider Envy as a better emotion than hatred.

Weaker will turn Envy into Hate in an instant, Hopeful will transform Envy into Ambition/Aspirations.       – anonymous 

What pushes our boundaries to get green with Envy?

  • Insecurities
  • Extreme dissatisfaction
  • Negative/low self esteem
  • Comparisons 
  • Unable to handle emotional fluctuations 

Is there any way to stop being Envy? Well yes, the trigger is with you so is the extinguisher. I Envy all those yummy mummies who still look fabulous and absolutely sculpted. But then, when I look into mirror and see happy & content face smiling back at me…. I just let the envy pang pass.

It’s very much in your own control to cease this wild emotion; talk it out to your trusted peers, think positive and focus your energy on, ‘What I have‘, keep yourself busy in what you like the most. The Creator has blessed us all with our strengths, it’s upto us how we convert those strengths into opportunities.

Thanks for reading 😊

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