Family the word in itself brings pride, content and happiness forward, family is where my heart is

In my girly gang, I am usually termed as a ‘free bird‘ with no family strings attached. However, at my in-laws I transform into a ‘family motivated‘ but far from family kind. At work I am often termed as ‘family – oriented‘ person. This definition of ‘family‘ is quite debatable in itself. What comprises of family, or extended family for that matter?

For me my BFF is part of my family, my Blog is my family; as it takes major chunk of my time in a day! My books are my family – can’t apart myself from them… but some say these are just part of life but NOT family!! I wonder why?

When I was all alone, fighting with my mental agony of ‘sitting incubator’ during those tough 9 months… I did not have any of my FAMILY with me, but BOOKS. They kept me sane & going. I was in turmoil of starting over career or taking care of my little crawler, no family member came to rescue, but my bestie!

Today, I give as importance to my BLOG as I give to my flesh & blood born… it keeps me occupied with positivism & I gain knowledge reading all those wonderful things out there. This is my family…

My mother once told me; that society gradually becomes your family, once you start accepting them as your own! But what about those families which prohibit their females, keep them bound with social responsibilities/stigma. They are also families who marry their daughters off just to get rid of her due to social pressure. And families with social evil of DOWRY! Families, where females are subjected to mental & physical torture.

So if that’s true…. why don’t we tell then to STOP! STOP all this discrimination. After all, in a family debates & discussions are healthy and for progression.

I am very blessed to have a supportive ‘direct – family’, my better half & a minuscule DIVA in making 😉 (nuclear) who understand me & accept me as I am, without any pretense. For me FAMILY is where love & happiness resides. It can be in any form; which motivates you,  gives you peace & calmness, and pampers you. Which DO NOT bound you in circles…. but becomes Circle of your STRENGTH.

With this happy note, I link my post with Dew & Zainab for #ClickAndBlogAStory, Week 7.


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