Satthwa Premium Hair Oil – Best to Reduce Hair Fall

Satthwa Premium Hair Care with goodness of 9 Essential Oils in One Bottle

Hair-fall is one such horror which everybody is scared of. No one wishes to see their healthy beautiful hair getting wasted or unhealthy. But unfortunately, hair get effected due to negligence on our end. Also the outside pollution. We are exposed to harmful pollution everyday which effect our tresses too. Plus the seasonal effects – winters get dryness which is bad for hair’s health as well.

Hair is most dear to us, as we love our tresses to be healthy & beautiful. Just a quick search on internet can tell us the kind of products available under ‘hair-care‘ category. Hair are mirror of our health parameters, what we eat, how we lead life, nutrition in-take etc. The more healthier we are from inside, better our hair would look.

When I got introduced to Satthwa – Premium Hair Oil, my first impression was ‘looks clean‘. No artificial coloring, No fancy packaging, No tall claims – just plain simple informative packaging.


What’s Satthwa?

‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’

Who doesn’t know and trust this proverb; but Prashant (founder of Brand Satthwa) made it come true. When he suffered from drastic hair fall & thinning issues, tried all possible products available in market. Unfortunatly nothing rescued him from the problem in hand. Then he picked up the age old remedies, and revived them in a blend of Pure Essential Oils. He used the knowledge and remedies and his hair-fall & other woes were sorted. That’s how we got ‘Satthwa Premium Hair Oils‘.

With the success and positive results from all nooks and corners, Prashant and his dedicated team launched few more products. Essential Oils – pure and free for harmful chemicals.

Premium Hair Oil – Satthwa


The premium hair oil is special blend of 9 essential oils into one bottle. I call it elixir for Hair Growth. These essential oils are known for their benefits world wide. And yes we get the blend of these Pure, Organic, Paraben Free oils in one single bottle.

  • Oilve Oil – Rich in healthy Monounsaturated Fats & Anti-Oxidants
  • Castor Oil – Iron, Immunity Booster, Helps in Blood Circulation
  • Almond Oil – Monounsaturated Fats, Iron, Proteins, Vitamin E, Zinc and much more
  • Coconut Oil – Vitamins, Fatty acids nourish the scalp, Removes Sebum build-up in hair
  • Jojoba Oil – Moisturize hair and its Folllicles without leaving any residue
  • Amla Oil – Gooseberries rich source of antioxidants and hair growth booster
  • Grapreseed Oil – High Unsaturated fats known as PUFAs, Minerals
  • Emu Oil – Fatty acids, Omega-9, 6 and 3. Helpful in skin treatments & Moisturize.
  • Vitamin E – Energy boosters for Skin & Hair.
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My Take on Premium Hair Oil 

I have used the premium hair fall for more than 30 days now, and the results are surprising. Had severe hair fall, and hair were getting thinner. Twice a week of the Premium Hair Oil application has reduced the hair woes drastically. I can see very few strands of hair in my comb, towel, pillow cover or dresses. In fact what doctors could not do with hefty fees & multi vitamins, this oil did that.


The application is simple –

  • Shake well before use.
  • Use twice weekly at least for 3 – 4 months for visible results.
  • Pour some oil in your palm, and apply using finger tips – in circular motion.
  • Use if few hours before hair wash, or keep overnight.
  • Heat the oil in winter season.

I highly recommend Satthwa hair oil for best results, keep your lifestyle healthy & active. Read about my favourite beauty products here. Just an oil cannot help unless you lead a healthy life. Eat best, drink plenty of water and use Satthwa 🙂 Buy you ‘bottle of elixir’ from Satthwa Website. Also available on Flipkart. You can also get the premium hair oil on Amazon 

Disclaimer – The product is PR sample, for reviews and experience. Author has used this Hair Oil for 30 days before writing this review. All the points mentioned above are true to author’s knowledge and personal opinion. Should not be taken as ‘expert’ advise.

© Dipika Singh

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