Snacking Time – Healthy Munching for Mom & Kids

My Love for good food is never hidden, I enjoy my food be it at home or outside…. never shy away from the accusation of being a hard core foodie!!! Yes, I am guilty of being a Foodie 😉 I grew up tasting some beautiful & humble dishes + generous portions yes; who doesn’t acknowledge the punjabi hospitality 😀

Well before I further derail from the topic in hand…. let’s talk about healthiness & food. Well, food keeps us going, make us healthy, fit, provides much needed energy or can do the exactly the adverse – Choice is ours!! You ask a mother what concern’s her the most – her first response will be – ‘kids eating habits‘, researches say there are many who take this concern out of proportion, resulting in early ailments in kids – like obesity, hypertension, diabetes etc.

One such distraught mom told me once – “see how weak my Golu looks, doesn’t eat anything that I make at home, bus fries & wafers”. Well first, to me he looks perfectly healthy child if I can be real daring here, he looks little obese (no offence intended) and secondly you are feeding your little man ONLY junk – it’s your FAULT lady!!

There are plenty of healthy snacking options which kills the untimely hunger pangs and also keeps you lite on tummy. (Please don’t torcher those poor intestines)…. today as a mom, I will share some of these healthy snacking options with you – dear readers…

1. Raw Veggies – My young lady loves munching on celery sticks, carrot sticks, cucumber julians, or tomato wedges. I give her couple of these healthy powerhouse sticks 30 minutes before the super or lunch. She enjoys having her munchies over chattering about her day at school. So I am solving two purposes here – 1. Feeding her goodnesss of raw veggies. 2. Keeping her sudden outburst of hunger at bay.

2. Nuts of Life – Nuts!! very important for your health & easy to digest. Nuts are packed with nutritional goodness of Vitamins, Minerals, Energy, Anti-oxidents & Omega 3 fatty acids. You just have to give/take a handful of nuts mixture to your kid/yourself. My girl likes them little roasted or with raisins. Another healthy option to kill the hunger & add nutritional value in your intake.

3. Oats & Veggie Cutlets – my little one loves cutlets and usually demand to give these in her tiffins. It’s very easy & healthy recipe- boiled veggie & baked cutlets with oats to add the crunch. I usually make these during weekends or treat day tiffin on fridays.

4. Fruits – I love the fact that we live in such a colourful country with so many different regions and seasons. All have their own specialities-  like onset of summers bring citrus happiness in abundance from Nagpur as Oranges. Ratnagiri’s famous International Mangoes – Alphanso. Apple’s goodness from the high mountains… We get emmence variety of fruits and I made a habit to have seasonal taste at home for munching. A special rule to it – NO unseasonal fruit is allowed at home – artificially reaped fruit.

5. Farsaan – do as romans do, when in rome; so how can I leave the temptation of farsaan when in Mumbai. We get a huge variety in healthy baked/roasted munchies (sometimes fried too – guilt confession) in Mumbai. Tea time seems incomplete without healthy ‘methi thepla’ (thin fenu-greek roasted chapati) or masala sev. We love the guilt trip once in a while with amchi mumbai’s famous Vada Pav…

These are few of my favourite snacking options as home, apart from these I give her plenty of protein via eggs, richness of cheese or curd smoothies on odd even days. This keeps the monotone out of eating and we enjoy our palate. I hate the wafers or junk which is so easliy available in the market, instead make some yummy snack at home or eat the freshness of nature.

Hope you like these healthy options of snacking, do share yours in the comments below.

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  1. I think many of us underestimate the power of snacks – the fact that they can energize as well as the fact that they can lead to overeating! These are some great practical suggestions for the whole family!

  2. Very informative post. I liked the idea of veggie and oatmeal cutlets. And very true, it’s always way healthier to make snack at home instead of eating junk. This way kids gets to learn the importance of healthy eating habits.

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