Mumma; take a chill-pill! #MondayMommyMoments

Dad does the Babysitting and Mom enjoys – Role Reversal for A DAY 😉


What happens when Dad play MOM for a Day –

Dad; someone who brings hopes of independence from Mom’s jail, 

When mom is angry and whenting fire, dad is the rescuer with a happy face. 

He gets her the awesome gifts, and is her only solace.

Comes home with the widest smile, brings out many surprises.

Takes out to new places, long drives, for yummy food and beautiful beaches.

He can become a camel, a lion, a tortoise or a mouse.

He laughs out loud and tells mom not to shout.

I like it more with him and when mom is gone out.

We sneak into the tent house, do piggy back, play console, pillow fight out.

Wish to have dad all throughout !!!

Dad – perfect partner in crime

This is a typical example of my house when it’s the ‘role reversal’. I managed my whole pregnancy and post-partum by myself. Without being dependent on any help from moms (of both sides; mine & husband’s). The bond that we mom-daughter share is magical. I always believed that I know best of ‘how to‘, ‘what to‘ & ‘when to‘ for my little lo.

But then comes the time when my over the top advisory fell straight on it’s face. I leave my little girl with her dear Dad for some hours. Now the whole equation is changed. He becomes the Coolest Dad who knows all tricks, he’s makes her cozy, jumpy, yet safe. He goes wild with her, make funny faces, play messy games. Most importantly he let her be her age. 

We mom’s are usually toiled behind the surface of wrongs and rights. Our main motive is to make our kid capable and acceptable in their nichè. I have encountered the scenarios where fingers were pointed towards the mother if the CHILD misbehaves. But father’s, they are different… or it is that Now Father’s are different.  

I too shared an open relationship with my Dad back then. But the openness and transparency I see between my kid and her father is quite different from then. Today fathers take & share the same responsibility bringing up child as mothers. Probably it’s the by-product of single child or nuclear family habitations.

Karmic connection – Dad & Daughter

I enjoy seeing this magical connection of my two. She waits for him till late in night, all she wants is to fill her piggy bank with his given coins. She giggles when he swoons me in his arms, calls him Papu is Sharhukh Khan.

The secret of being this Coolest Dad is open and quite mean…. When it comes to being funny he keeps the reins. The dirty work of reprimanding, pass buck to ME…. Oh YEAH!! Here comes the devil and her leash…

This combination of hot & sweet is age old for mom’s but the role of Dad’s is evolving. I believe it’s a start of something good. I enjoy watching them going crazy and when I poke my nose – she tells me:

Take a Chill Pill Mumma, we are playing….. Papa is funniest!!!!

This blog is written for #MondayMommyMoments prompt by Amrita & Deepa.



  1. Actually Dad are in directly parenting role when Mum is out, so he behaves coolly or tolerate their tantrums but if they have to remain with kids for long period, they too will become crazy like Moms. Loved ur style Amrita.

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