Kids & Information Overload!!

Dec, 27th

My daughter came to me with a sheepish smile and asked an honest question; “Mom where do kids come from?” Well I know most of us have faced the same situation where our kids come and ask such questions, even after been told a million times…mind it she is 4.5 years old, so an angel sent you home does not fit here any more, as with their over working hyper rationalizing yet tiny (in mom’s opinion) brains are getting smarter. At school kids learn animals and their kids as early as from nursery or kindergarten, hence when we mother’s reason them by answering with our own funny theories we actually end up giving their over creative brains an extra load of work: to comprehend what their teacher and mother has answered for the same question. So, I played safe and told her; you came from mummy’s tummy. Umm… thinking the problem is solved I moved on…but man!!! I was so wrong….now came the isotopes of questions, one after the other seeking to kill my peace of mind. Specialists call it curiosity when kid search newer opportunities to nag their already haggard mothers…pun intended!

Here comes several by-questions: What did you do mom, to bring me out from your tummy? Where was papa when I was inside you? What will happen when I get baby in my tummy? Ahhh…. my sane mind is twisting n turning all around its cavity, restless and confused with so many things so explain I take a time-break. Sharing this issue with my long distance mother in law over phone I thought of getting some sane advise,but she snubbed me saying you talk too much to her….my kids never bothered to ask such stupid questions…uska dimag jyada chalta hai? (Generation Gap) Wondering if something is wrong with me as a mother I turned towards Google baba….which pushed me further to my rescuer: babycenter (well how can I forget you! you were my BFF during those special big 9 months, with your happy mailers and very crucial information) reading an article on child’s brain growth and how it communicates with their overall behavioral stability. The connectors are called synapses which are the neural pathways for flow of information…… in laymen’s language one should not snub the curiosity in child’s brain as it will have a negative effect on their growth.

But as a mother my clash is how much to censor and what to share with my 4 year old child. The dilemma is how much information to provide to such innocent but over curious mind? I remember of a random social media poll on DO YOU CHANGE YOUR TELEVISION CHANNELS WHEN INTIMATE SCENES COMES? wherein other mothers have shared their opinions…many have answered in YES with reasons (some face off weird too) but the ones who gave NO have a strong notion of providing sex-ed. to kids from the very beginning!!! I mean seriously! Hell No!! telling your 4 -6 years old child about sex! Either I am from stone age or you lost me here….

I am diving in a big ocean of dilemma here- till now my confusion was laded with her simple questions but seeing the reaction of other mother’s response on that random poll made me ask this question – are we following right track in bringing up our kids with too much information? I agree some knowledge about their bodies and sex is important and even schools are taking initiatives on BAD TOUCH/GOOD TOUCH, but how will you explain an expletive smooch leading up to a bed scene to a 5 years old mind???

After going through all this tugging, I decipher one simple fact knowledge has to be shared according to the age of mental ability of the child. I am no expert to give this as a sure shot solution of a child’s education, but I found after a candid discussions with my child that she is content by my answers of her birth and feels happy to share the same with her classmates.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to leave your most valuable comments here. I would love to improve myself for good 🙂


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